Ascension 101.

Ascension 101.

The Next Step In Human Evolution. Ascension is your natural state of being. Just Be

What is Ascension?

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Ascension is your natural state of being. When you centre, be it through things like meditation, yoga, or singing, your vibration naturally rises... that is until you remember, oh snap, what goes up must come down. Rather than seeing it as an ultimate goal, ascension is just something you do now. Just Be. That's it... really? Could it be that simple? Oh yes, it's a very simple concept but, have you tried "BEing" lately? Amidst all the hustle and bustle - not so simple sometimes. But... if you can consciously integrate the habit of being present, you ultimately "awaken" a new way of perceiving the world, and this is what many have referred to in the past as "Enlightenment". More in the video below!

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