The Art of Harmony

The Art of Harmony
over 3 years ago

It is natural to harmonize with nature, being one with it in such a way that we fit into the whole like a missing puzzle piece, completing a bigger picture.

Harmonize with Life

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They say we come from and are made of the very jewels that adorn the night sky, which group together as if by design to paint pictures and tell stories. And, like the stars, It is natural for us to harmonize with nature, being one with it in such a way that we fit into the whole like a missing puzzle piece, completing a bigger picture.Have you ever found yourself being in the right place at the right time, only to find that something in your environment was accurately reflecting something in you? Like when the lyrics of the next song you hear on the radio feel like they’re speaking directly to you, or when a friend says just the thing you needed to hear, or your attention is brought to a beautiful piece of art or poetry that uplifts and heals you? We are naturally drawn to the things that make us feel good and allow what we want/need to flow in when we get out of our own way. By being our natural selves, not only do we see and do what’s best for us, but we can even be a vessel for other people to experience synchronicity, in a sense harmonizing with our environment.

Simplicity, Harmony, Be1 Creations, Brian Escobar

Simplicity, Harmony

Brian Escobar


While visiting my family one day, sharing space in the living room with my little brother who at the moment was caught up saving the world through his video game, I was reflecting on some things that had been on my mind over the past couple of days. There we were, each on a couch, just the two of us – totally being. There was a complete acceptance of each other in that space, it felt like no matter what we did while we were together it was completely fine and acceptable; this is very important as it laid the ground for what happened next. Then, as I organically came full circle with a new insight that answered the questions that were on my mind, at that exact “aha” moment, my brother yells out, “Yes – I did it!” Exclaiming victoriously as he had just achieved a new high score and passed a level he had been stuck on in his game.

I sat there in awe of the curiously coincidental timing of his expression and the many layers of its relevance it had to my epiphany. This perfect metaphor gave me a new meaning for the word harmony, making me aware of how I could even harmonize with my reality more actively.

The Art of Harmony, Brian Escobar, Be1Creations

The Art of Harmony

Say I am having a deep conversation with a friend at a cafe, and someone sitting nearby begins to listen in on our talk. I can either talk softer and more “politely” so not to offend or challenge people around me, but then surely I am being the selfish one for robbing them of the opportunity to possibly benefit from my truth; my natural self; my synchronicity.

Or perhaps you witness an opportunity to give love in some way and act as a catalyst for the flow of good to continue in that direction. Look at being your natural self as shining your light, and the brighter you burn the farther your light reaches. (I envision a tinker-bell like character going around just sprinkling magic dust on situations, making them all better.)

Embellish your story

“The Illusion” is tricky. It is designed to convince you that things can be out of place, random, without purpose, disharmonious. This can trigger us to go into a survival mode and put up a defence system, which takes us away from our natural selves and leads to making decisions from a place of clouded judgement.

By seeing illusion for what it is it can be dissolved, so when you go about your day and things happen out of your control that rock the boat, find a way to see how it actually does fit – give it a positive purpose! Like if your car breaks down on the day you need it most, instead of seeing it as a burden, look at it as an opportunity to realize that when you need support there are people there who have your back. By doing this you are in a sense embellishing your life story, enhancing and validating the beauty and harmony you see by shifting your perspective on the details to a positive one that works FOR you – this is a very powerful practice as it has the potential to create more harmony in your reality and trains your mind to look for, focus on and create more flow in your life.

Positive Purpose

Positive Purpose, The Art of Harmony, Brian Escobar, Be1Creation

Positive Purpose

Every NOW holds an opportunity to awaken to who you really are, so really bring it every chance you get, for each seeming challenge is really a gift, another potential jewel for your crown.

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