How "Not to Get Your Body Bikini Ready"

How "Not to Get Your Body Bikini Ready"

The 2 Step Process to Wearing a Bikini!

IF you have been on social media recently you will have seen ads stating, 6 weeks to a Bikini body", "Get wash board abs for summer", OR "Are you Beach Body Ready?"  These statements are not only sad, but they create a scary picture of what the fitness world is becoming.
The fitness industry can be a two-edged sword; on one hand they are promoting healthy lifestyles with many fitness workouts on the market, however on the other hand, they draw unrealistic claims that manipulate the population and paint an unrealistic picture of how we should all look.

The fitness industry had it's big start in the late 80's where the unhealthy habits of the flower child and rockers were becoming noticed and let's face it......Richard Simmons came on the scene!!! This is the time of leg warmers, flash dance, and teased hair. Thankfully our fitness taste and practicality have come along way since then and we are now recognizing that fitness leads to a healthier lifestyle, can combat obesity, and increase mortality rates.

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However, like mentioned above, there is a dark side to 'Happy Go Lucky Fitness'. When did summer become identified as wearing a 'bikini' or having wash board abs'? These claims fill our minds and make us believe that if we do not look the part-as fitness magazines have shown us, then we cannot enjoy summer. It has also defied the laws of training. Every body type trains differently and certain exercises work better for others. How can one "6 week program" work for everyone??? Not to mention, what are you fueling your body with?? Too many uncertainties to believe in an internet claim or magazine program.

How "Not to Get Your Body Bikini Ready"

Making fitness a part of your life is a good thing. It can certainly help you become more sculpted and strong and help with losing or managing weight. But it WILL NOT in 6 short weeks give you wash board abs! Having said that, if wash board abs is a goal of yours, contact a reputable trainer in your area and ask them about building a program that is right for YOU. There are many great and qualified trainers and it just takes a little searching to find one that suits your needs.

*Disclaimer-It might take longer than 6 weeks!
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Summer should be a time where you look forward to long warm nights. Where you can run in the grass with bear feet, jump into pools, go for long walks and yes....go to the beach in a BIKINI or whatever suit YOU want to wear!!!

So case in point: Do NOT define yourself by two pieces of fabric and if you want to start a fitness program, do it because of its many other promising benefits.

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So put the bikini on and LIVE!

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