The main problems the Rich and Famous face

The main problems the Rich and Famous face
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The main problems the Rich celebrities

Being rich and famous is all fun and games till you begin to realize that there are more problems than people fail to realize. The flashy lifestyle that looks so good on TV is not always as good as it seems. Of course, you’ll have a lot of money, and many people know you. However, life isn’t just about all these things. The realities are more than the cameras capture, which makes the watchful eyes of the world somewhat of a burden sometimes. In this short guide, we explore the various disadvantages to being rich and/or famous. Read all the latest and breaking celebrity entertainment news on

• You get to pay a lot of taxes

Taxes on the rich are way more than you think. With an increase in incomes comes an increase in taxes. Your $60000 attracts a handful of taxes, but $6million income, the taxes go higher. And it’s not new for celebrities to go to jail for failing to pay taxes. In fact, the IRS tends to focus more on huge taxes.

• Paparazzi

Paparazzi is more annoying than fun. Most celebrities don’t like it, but they have little or no control over what people do. Also, because they are public figures, it’s hard to take actions against such activities. Paparazzi is always around celebrities and can be dangerous. The celebrity, when outside, has to be super watchful of whatever they do. Paparazzi can catch such on camera, which will make huge rounds in the media. They are not only around when they are living their personal lives. Their work can also be impeded by unnecessary paparazzi to which they must smile.

• Lack of privacy

Celebrities rarely lack privacy. There are watchful eyes everywhere, even amongst their close circles. All actions of celebrities are always up for scrutiny and judgment. Everyone gets to know about every decision you make in business, marriage, fashion, etc. This can sometimes get overwhelming.

• Scammers

There have been several reported cases where scammers use celebrity’s identities to scam innocent fans. This can open the celebrity to receiving abuses they didn’t deserve.

• Lack of motivation

For people who are rich, their children most times don’t have the motivation to do anything. This is because most times, we do things for the money. But when the money is there from birth, it can be hard to pursue productivity with time.

• Lack of time

One thing most rich folks want the more is time. There is always so much to manage, to keep everything running. This makes rich folks want more time, and cut off more and more irrelevances from their days. Which also can be exhausting as they don’t have much time to rest.

• Travel

To keep the money or fame empire together, rich and popular folks need to travel frequently for work and business, leaving their loved ones back at home. This frequent separation from their loved one ends up exhausting.

• Crime Target

People are always looking to extort the rich and famous. This is why most of them go around with heavy security detail. This is one problem they have to deal with everyday – not feeling safe enough.

• Risk of death

Except if you exercise a great deal of discipline, as a rich or famous folk, you can spend money on things that can cause you harm. This puts you at risk.

• Health issues

Getting to the top is hard, but staying there is even harder. This is the reality with successful people. they need to work extra hard to stay up top, which tells on their health with time.