Everything you need to know about WooCommerce ProductEnter content title here...

Everything you need to know about WooCommerce ProductEnter content title here...
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All about WooCommerce Product Filters.

When you are dealing with lots of stuff in your inventory, you need WooCommerce product filters. This allows you to quickly display a variation of your products and offerings to customers. Once they can see what they want quickly, they will most likely buy from you easily and faster.

You may be opined that this is not necessary. You may think that the longer the customer spends on your store searching, the higher the chance of purchase. This is, however, untrue. We'd urge you to do some design thinking, viewing the situation from the customer's perspective.

You'd notice that as a consumer, you have a brief attention span. You want to see what you are looking for on-time and move on. That's the same for everyone visiting your site for the first time. Hence, you need to make sure they find whatever they are looking for in minutes. If they don't, they will move to another store that meets their needs faster.

This is why WooCommerce Product filters are essential. And in this guide, we will explore every necessary information you need about these tools.

What can you do with WooCommerce product filters?

The basic idea of why WooCommerce product filters are essential is to make things easier for users. But how do these tools achieve this?

Improvement of User experience

Products in the 21st century are designed to be as simple as possible. Such that, even the most illiterate of persons can easily navigate and make use of the product. This is the same with eCommerce. Customer experience is essential. Product filters make this navigation seamless and easy.

As the store owner, you can put the most critical aspects of your offering, right in their faces. You need to do your research to know what makes your users tick. Then, you can leverage on these filters, to maximize the data.

• You can create options.

As a store owner, there are times you want to offer sales, discounts, etc. With these filters, you can easily do this and place it right where your customers see it. Part of these filters is the creation of categories. Filters allow for customization, all done to drive better conversion on your store.

Improve website loading times.

Loading time is a significant aspect of operating an online business. When your pages and products aren't loading fast, the visitors will find an alternative. But once you have filters like Ajax-based plugins installed on your site, it loads more quickly. Better loading time results in higher conversion.

Final Take

Product filters are critical if you use WooCommerce for your online store. It helps create an experience for your potential and returning customers. One thing you should, however, know about product filters is that you shouldn't overuse them. You shouldn't be creating redundant filters. As much as possible, keep your ecommerce page clean and straightforward.