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What is a Laser Rangefinder and How It Works?

Are you an outdoorsman looking for how to improve your experience? Are you searching for the right gear to take your hunting or golfing experience to the next level? Do not stress out; laser rangefinder is the best device to include in your gear for an exhilarating experience and fulfillment.

The days of struggling to locate targets from long distances have long gone! The advancement in technology has also delivered its benefits to lovers of outdoor activities by designing cutting-edge laser rangefinder that offers an incredible visualization and finding targets from a long distance.

What Is Laser Rangefinder?

A laser rangefinder is specially designed binoculars with enhanced features that allow you to track an object or target from a long distance. If you need a bit of confidence and clarity either as a hunter, golfer, or an outdoorsman, a laser rangefinder will provide you with all you need to make an informed decision and have a concise perspective of your target.

Laser rangefinder uses a similar technology of an autofocus digital camera to provide an accurate target location and distance. Besides, when a button on the laser rangefinder is pressed, the device emits a laser beam, which lands on the target and returns to the device.

The modern designs of laser rangefinder enable an accurate distance reading from the user to the target focused. They also come with high-end coated optic lenses that guarantee crystal clear images with reduced glare on the lenses.

Features of Laser Rangefinder

Unlike the previous models of rangefinders known for bulkiness, lack of clarity, and inability to measure distance, the latest laser rangefinders have several appealing features that make them endearing and make life easier for hunters and golfers who love to track targets and get accurate distance reading.

It is good to know that laser rangefinders come in different designs and capabilities. However, they have similar functions. Here are some of the features of laser rangefinder:

1. Distance Reading

Apart from the ability to focus on a faraway target, laser rangefinders also provide an accurate measurement of the distance. However, their capacities will determine the length of reading you can expect from a model. Some models can read as far as 400 yards, while some can read up to 1 kilometer. Your call, its price.

2. Scan Modes

Many laser rangefinders on the market come with the standard scan mode. But the scan mode is versatile as you can pan to your area of interest and get accurate readings about all objects on the landscape.

3. Magnification

Most laser rangefinders come with an enhanced magnification feature that provides you with a better look without undermining their accuracy.


If you are a golfer, hunter, or an outdoorsman, laying your hands on a laser rangefinder will provide you with an enhanced experience and fulfilling adventure. Place an order for a laser rangefinder; you would never go out without taking one along.