Ways to Spy on your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

Ways to Spy on your Competitor’s Facebook Ads
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Top Ways to Spy on your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

Are you aware of the competition ground that you are in? Do you have the proper plan and Facebook campaign ads which was successful or not? If you are answers are negative, your business might in trouble anytime soon.

The good news is, you can replicate your competitors’ success by taking advantage of Facebook ads spy tool.

In no particular sequence, this page contains a list of both paid and free utilities. But, before we get started, let's go over the basics: What are Facebook ad surveillance tools and what are the benefits of using them?

Note: If you've already visited this post, you'll see that the material has changed. This is due to the fact that the majority of the previously mentioned tools are no longer available.

What Are Facebook Ads Spy Tool?

Facebook Ads spy tool spying software reveals details about your competitor's Facebook ads that you wouldn't see otherwise. The following are some of the things that a spying tool will reveal about your competitors:

• Advertisements that are now running and have performed well in the past

• Targeting choices were employed in the ad copy (location, age group, etc.)

• For the advertisements, we used funnels and landing pages.

When and how many times their advertisements were viewed

Of course, depending on the instrument you choose, the insights you obtain may differ. While our technology ConnectExplore does not exactly spy on rival advertisements, it does find interests that your competitors are unaware of or have yet to employ... making you the winner.

Why Use Facebook Ads Spy Tools?

It's no secret that the Facebook ad market has gotten increasingly competitive. Facebook revealed that in the second quarter of 2020, they had 9 million active advertisers, up from 7 million in the previous year.

With this in mind, running advertisements that resonate with your target demographic will need a lot more effort. Unless, of course, you have access to a technology that shows you what's already working for other companies in your sector or specialty.

Here are some of the best tools below.

1. Facebook’s Ad Library

Following the 2016 US presidential election, Facebook developed the Facebook Ads Library in an effort to promote transparency. It's a record that provides all active and inactive advertisements. Additionally, these advertising will be kept in the ads collection for a period of seven years.

The fact that the advertising library is free to use is what makes it so helpful. It gives a wealth of data for each ad, including impressions, different versions of an ad, when it first ran, and the intended landing page. The adverts may also be filtered by country and platform.

2. Swipe-Worthy

Swipe-Worthy is an excellent place to look for different sorts of material to use in your ads. Automotive, beauty, blogging, consultancy, dating, cuisine, real estate, and more are among the listed categories.

Enter "facebook ads" in the search field or pick "Facebook Ad" under All Types to see only Facebook advertisements. If you subscribe to Swipe-email, Worthy's you'll receive their most recent swipes every week and be the first to hear about any new additions.

3. Social Ad Scout

Millions of social advertising from 21 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and France, are available on Social Ad Scout. If you're looking for anything specific, this is the ad spying tool to use. You may search for an ad by targeting, kind, performance, and device using its sophisticated search options.

The program not only gives you images of each ad, but it also lets you engage with the live version of the commercial. You can, for example, show video advertisements.