Advantages and disadvantages of Kodi gel polishes

Advantages and disadvantages of Kodi gel polishes
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Advantages and disadvantages of Kodi gel polishes

Gel nail polishes from Kodi have many positive reviews. Many masters of manicure work with the products of this brand, as it is an excellent value for money. Ease of use and a fairly wide range of colors attracts not only masters, but also customers. Manicures made with Kodi gel products have high resistance and durability, they are of excellent quality.

Kodi professional products are also suitable for home nail care, because even an inexperienced technician can handle them. Gel nail polishes of this brand have all the qualities necessary for a high-quality, beautiful and safe manicure.

They are hypoallergenic, have no unpleasant odor and do not have a negative impact on the condition of the nail plate, but on the contrary, strengthen it. Also nail polishes do not contain toxic substances that can harm your health.

The Kodi color palette is very wide, there are not only solid colors, but also "Space light". It is said that the gel nail polishes from this series look very elegant, but there is a small disadvantage, the color may differ slightly in reality and on the website.

Some nail masters consider the gel polishes to be liquid, but it is rather individual preferences, because to someone it is easier to work with thicker consistency.

In general, we can say that the gel nail polishes from Kodi professional are excellent quality products that provide manicure perfect design, excellent durability and absolute safety. Moreover, the brand products are quite budget-friendly and can be afforded by both experienced and novice manicurists.