The importance and features of printing on canvas

The importance and features of printing on canvas
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The Benefits of Canvas Printing

Canvas printing has become a fashion trend in the design of a living space or office. Artistic masterpieces, written by the hand of famous masters, were digitized. The image already obtained with the help of special equipment was transferred to a medium prepared for printing.

Feasibility of use

Printing on canvas gradually gained special importance, expanding the scope of application. What are the reasons for the growing popularity of the method?

1. Photo portraits. A photo printed on canvas has become in demand as a gift for an anniversary, wedding or event associated with another memorable date.

2. Reproductions. The most original paintings from any exhibition can be made private property. To do this, it is enough to order a printout of the source on canvas.

3. Interior Design. Decorative panels are in trend today. They are appropriate for decorating both the living room and the bedroom, the nursery and even the kitchen.

You don't have to buy authentic portraits or landscapes of great artists to make your home stylish and comfortable. Just select a digital copy of a painting by a famous author on the Internet and order a print on canvas. As a basis, you can take not only work, but your favorite photos from vacation, wedding memories or birthdays!

What does canvas print mean?

Canvas printing and painting are not the same thing. The first method involves drawing an image using an inkjet printer (plotter). Then the patterned fabric is stretched over a wooden stretcher. The image can be arranged in a beautiful frame, or you can do without it.

The canvas is used as the basis for the canvas. Natural is made from cotton, linen or hemp yarns. Synthetic - polyester. Images on natural fabric have a more expressive texture, so the printed image is more “lively” and three-dimensional. Source: