Winning IG, ECM OR RIM Strategy

Winning IG, ECM OR RIM Strategy

Facilitated Leadership Strategic Workshop Program

Have you struggled to pull together a convincing and demonstrative strategy that can convince senior management that your initiative, project or program is important and achievable?

How do you connect to the executives’ core needs, and what keeps them up at night?

How can you demonstrate your ideas in a way that is graphically clear, and with a well-developed strategy?

This powerful facilitated strategic planning workshop will assist your organization in addressing the issues raised on this page, and build a winning Information Governance (IG), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), or Records and Information Management (RIM) Strategy. This strategy will be used to guide your organization, or department, as it plans to initiate new programs and systems, or upgrade your current information management practices, content management systems and tools, or plan to improve your overall program maturity. You will learn the power of a strategic framework providing all of the strategic tools necessary to support your initiative, project, and implementation effort.

Who is this Facilitated Leadership Workshop for?

  • Those who have a new IG, ECM or RIM initiative or project and who need to develop a winning strategy.
  • Those who need to bring disparate workgroups and stakeholders together to build a common strategy for Information Management (IM), incorporating Knowledge Management (KM) and Enterprise Collaboration.
  • You are in a new job or role as a Records Manager or Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) and need a strategy to develop and implement a new RIM or IG program.
  • The business environment has changed and your old strategy simply does not work anymore, and you need to build a winning strategy.
  • Your program or project is failing due to the lack of a clear strategy and needs rescuing – a reset.
  • You need a strategy to refresh your existing paper-based records management program to implement an ECM system.
  • Your organization simply wants to manage its information better.
  • Your organization does not have an IG or RIM program and you need to implement and imaging program, an ECM system, a new version of SharePoint, a digital archiving system, or an e-mail archiving solution, and do not know where to start.
  • IT has an initiative and needs to incorporate IG and RIM to give the system the structure and business rules it needs to build a winning strategy for a sustainable and viable implementation.

We will address the four key strategic planning questions:

  • What are we trying to accomplish, and why?
  • How will we measure success?
  • What other conditions must exist?
  • How do we get there?
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This facilitated workshop is part of the Initiation phase of the overall Project Management Lifecycle and focusses on the Strategic Planning step that must start any planning process. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

Project, Program, Lifecycle, Planning, Initiation, Strategy

After the full workshop you will have all of the information necessary to develop your planning and project implementation documents, including;

  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • Major Outcomes and Deliverables
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • Key Success Factors and KPI Strategy
  • The Business Case
  • The Project Charter and Execution Plan
  • Internal Controls Strategy
  • The Operational Readiness Plan
  • Management of Change Strategy
  • Communications Strategy


Winning IG, ECM OR RIM Strategy


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Winning IG, ECM OR RIM Strategy