Giving in to the Dark Force

Giving in to the Dark Force

As the founder themself were a Star Wars fan

Star Wars fans have fantasised of joining the crusade against the dark force or giving into it altogether. Having a great neopixel lightsaber Anakin that looks straight from the film set can be a tremendously satisfying gift for a loved one who dotes on the Star Wars Universe.

Finding such exact creations that fuse design, durability, and quality with an exciting design on top was quite difficult for the global fan family. Until Art Sabers entered the frame.

Delivering quality and performance over the years - the site is your one stop solution for all the latest designs and feature laden lightsabers from the movie.

As the founder themself were a Star Wars fan - all troubles encountered while trying to purchase an authentic look alike of the lightsabers as showcased from the movie were understood in great detail. Thereafter the product was designed and the customer service curated. Expect all designs to stay in stick for whenever you want to purchase one and we double up the great experience with quick and free shipping.

Art Sabers

A global business originating from Latvia, Art Sabers has come a long way when it comes to serving our customers with dedication and diligence in each of our products.

Originated from a seedling of an idea of a true-blue Star Wars fan - the Art Saber website strives to contribute to the fandom in helping them live the fantasy in real life. Thus was born the lightsabers range which encapsulates perfectly the iconic franchise in all its glory.

Working with quality manufacturers, Art Sabers was able to produce designs that take your breath away all the while keeping price in the center of our value.

Why Trust Our Products?

The master replicas we curate for you are delicately crafted with the best of industry workmanship that there is.

Use the neopixel light saber for display at your home - to the amazement of your guests or just put on a show at a dinner party with some crazy duel with friends and family.

Our customer service will wow you over as we stand to answer all your queries - no matter how big or small. All our products come with a 1 year warranty starting from the date of delivery. Every repair and replacement is taken care of by us during this period if ever any flaw were to be found in the material used.

Our customer satisfaction rate is charting new heights of the testaments were to be believed and we want to offer you the same.

Time to bring the magic lore of the future cosmos into your life with a collection of lightsabers that will lighten your day and lift your spirit. Duel with friends, put on a show or just gloat about your prized possession. You can do so, so much with the extensive range of lightsabers from Choose an Anakin Lightsaber or be the perfect foil to his dark plans with an Obi Wan Kenbi lightsaber - we have it all. Come become a Jedi thanks to the lovely Art Sabers collection.