Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach
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Google word coach is one such thing google launched which helped people with translation and enriched their vocabulary.

Google word coach is a fun quiz game introduced by google in the year 2018 which helps you to expand your vocabulary with the help of fun games. It gives you questions and you have to mark the right one. It appears under the dictionary and translation boxes when you search “Word Search” or “Google Word Search”. There are some cases when you search a word, Google word search appears automatically on the screen.

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Google is a leading search engine and always improves its algorithm so that the users feel more engaged and the things on the internet are easier and fun to use. It already has features like dictionary, snippet and treasury so that the users are able to find solutions for their day to day problems in their lives in one single click. Google word coach is one such thing google launched which helped people with translation and enriched their vocabulary. It is extremely easy to use and to understand.

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It is useful for everyone whether they are a beginner or an expert in English. There are some people who lack English proficiency and google word search helps them. Since new words are introduced on a daily basis, it is not easy to learn and memorise them in one go. Google word search can help keep you track of the new words introduced and can make it easy for you to use them in any of your essays or the content you need to write. The best thing with google word search is that you do not need any additional English language or learning app, just search ‘Google Word Coach’ on your browser and you are ready to head start your English class.

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This is an amazing app that helps and encourages people to learn and apply new words. It enhances your vocabulary which helps you in daily life. The English language has become so important nowadays that one needs to have a sense of understanding for everything they read or write and Google Word Search plays a great role if you have access to it. When you open google word search and you answer correctly you get points for that, boosting your confidence. When you answer incorrectly, they provide you with a detailed explanation for your answer, what should be the right answer, and why it is the right answer.

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It is a quiz game designed for mobiles only. There is no application in particular. It can be used only through the browsers on your phone. Having access to smartphones has become very easy these days which makes you familiar with this app as well. There are 5 questions in the first round and you will earn some points after every correct answer. when you close or exit the score will be erased and will be 0 when you revisit the browser again. You can also check the explanation for your answer by clicking on the ‘drop–down’ arrow of each question. It will help you in enriching your English skills.

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