Bursitis Treatment

Bursitis Treatment

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A bursa is a sac filled with fluid, that surrounds the area, where the skin, muscle tissues, and tendons meet. The lubrication is necessary, as it leads to reduced friction during movement of the joint. Bursitis is a condition, where the bursae are inflamed. Inflammation of the bursae causes both pain and discomfort and may limit how you are able to move your joints.

What Are the Symptoms of Bursitis?

Bursitis leads generally to pain, redness, swelling, and a thickening of the bursae. There are different kinds of bursitis, each with their own specific symptoms.

What Types of Bursitis Are There?

Bursitis can be a chronic condition, meaning that it can remain or reoccur on a regular basis, while it can also be acute and only appear suddenly.

  • Prepatellar bursitis is the condition, where the bursae around the kneecap, other known as the patella, are inflamed. Prepatellar bursitis can be either chronic or acute. Those who suffer from prepatellar bursitis might have difficulties with bending their leg.
  • Olecranon bursitis is another type of bursitis, which includes the elbow. The bursae that are affected are located right at the tip of the elbow, other referred to as the olecranon. There are cases, where small nodules can even be felt within the bursa. Those suffering from olecranon bursitis might have difficulties moving their arm. It is a condition that is typically chronic.
  • Trochanteric bursitis is another type of inflammation of the bursae, which includes the ones located at the hips. It is a condition that might develop slowly and appear alongside other medical issues, such as arthritis. It might lead to issues with walking. It can also make it impossible for patients to lie on the hip.
  • Retrocalcaneal bursitis leads to issues in the heel and can be acute or chronic. It is also a type of bursitis, which might make it difficult to walk.

As bursitis is inflammation, it leads to the bursa becoming swollen, hot, or red. This means that patients are also likely to experience symptoms of infection, such as fever and chills.

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