Features of TradingChart in LightningChart .NET V.10.0

Features of TradingChart in LightningChart .NET V.10.0

At Arction, we develop charting controls or libraries for different application and web development programs. For .NET charts, you can use our charting library namely LightningChart. Charts are integral parts of different kinds of web or mobile applications. Using charts will make it easier to represent complex data in a informatic manner. Our charting library for .NET has been used for developing different types of applications. From trading to education, there are many applications that need to incorporate the charts.

We have noted that there is an increasing demand for seamless charting controls for trading applications. Traders need to see current trends and past records of currencies and stocks. Since trading is a dynamic field, it collects a huge amount of data on every day. Traders make important decisions based on the collected data. For interpreting data in a seamless way, traders need to check charts and graphs. With interactive data representation through charts and graphs, it turns easier for the users to interpret data easily.

Features of TradingChart in LightningChart .NET V.10.0

Features of TradingChart

At Arction, we have developed LightningChart for the .NET users. If you are using WPF or WinForms charts for your application development project, LightningChart is the right charting library for you. It comes with 2D and 3D chart support. Nevertheless, it is enriched with many features to aid the development process. With LightningChart, you can also attain cost-effectiveness. For developing trading applications, LightningChart has been frequently used. Trading applications include various charts for seamless data visualizations.

Features of TradingChart in LightningChart .NET V.10.0

or the developers of trading apps, we have introduced TradingChart in LightningChart V.10.0. TradingChart can be used for integrating charts and graphs ton a trading application in a faster way. TradingChart comes with fast performance that ensures that development process to remain smooth and cost-effective. Top-quality performance also ensures saving time for the developers. TradingChart comes with many built-in features. In the following section, you can check those features.

Built-in Functionalities

So, what are built-in functionalities in TradingChart? We have added many features to it, and we are committed to bring more interactive features for the developers. Integrating charts and graphs to a trading app can become easier with the help of TradingChart. In the following section, you can find the built-in functionalities of TradingChart in detail.

Features of TradingChart in LightningChart .NET V.10.0

GPU-Accelerated Rendering

For faster loading and performance, we offer GPU-accelerated rendering feature. It enhances the overall performance of the charts. Seamless integration and faster performance are the most important demands of the developers. Since a trading application may incorporate many charts and graphs, performance may become slow. For the faster and flawless loading, GPU-accelerated rendering can prove to be highly beneficial.

Built-in Drawing Tools

TradingChart in LightningChart .NET V.10.0 comes with built-in drawing tools. As a result, it can save a lot of time for the developers. There are many drawing tools. Those tools have been listed in the following section.

Linear Regression Channel

Trend Line

Fibonacci retracement

Fibonacci arcs

Fibonacci fan

Drawing a chart for representing the complex trading data will become easier with the built-in drawing tool from LightningChart for its TradingChart.

Technical Indicators

Trading applications need to be integrated with various trading indicators. These indicators help the traders to take the crucial decisions. Hence, these trading indicators have to be accurate and interactive. They should represent data in a seamless manner. TradingChart features built-in technical indicators. Using these built-in indicators will help you to integrate the trading indicators without facing any issues. It saves time, and developers can provide accurate trading indicators to the clients.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Bollinger Band

Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Weighted Moving Average (WMA)

Features of TradingChart in LightningChart .NET V.10.0

Other Built-in Features

TradingChart in LightningChart comes with many other built-in features. For example, developers can use the color themes to make the graphs attention-grabbing. Choice of colors is important to represent crucial data on the charts. Sometimes, color represents certain type of data in a chart. Hence, built-in color theme will make the charting integration easier for developers. TradingChart also comes with data cursors for tracking individual data values. Other features include automatic removal of non-trading time period, technical indicators, etc. At Arction, we have made LightningChart V.10.0 more user-friendly and stable in performance for the users.

Features of TradingChart in LightningChart .NET V.10.0