Different Charts and New Features of LightningChart JS V.2.1.0

Different Charts and New Features of LightningChart JS V.2.1.0

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Arction has developed LightningChart for both .NET and JavaScript applications. If you are developing a JavaScript app, you need to use LightningChart JS. We value innovation, and thus we never leave out the scopes for giving advanced features to users through our LightningChart JS. With such intention, we have introduced the new LightningChart JS V.2.1.0. What are the new features added to this new version of LightningChart JS? What kinds of charts can be created through this charting library? You can find answers to these questions in the following section.

WebGL Charts from LightningChart JS

LightningChart JS is a WebGL based charting library, which offer incredible performance of the integrated charts on an application. Using charts for representing large set of data is a common practice. Representing data in charts makes it easier to understand the data trends, records, etc. From finance to banking sector, different business fields need to showcase data through charts and graphs. For incorporating charts in an application, developers need to find a rich charting library. LightningChart JS can meet your requirements as a professional and robust charting library for the JavaScript applications. It comes with many notable features.

Different Charts and New Features of LightningChart JS V.2.1.0

Features of LightningChart JS

At Arction, we take feedbacks of the developers seriously. Based on their feedbacks, we try to make the charting library more versatile and feature-rich. So, what LightningChart JS offers to the developers? Why is it considered as one of the best charting libraries for incorporating charts on JavaScript applications?

Different Charts and New Features of LightningChart JS V.2.1.0

WebGL Rendering: LightningChart JS comes with GPU-accelerated WebGL rendering which ensures that graphics processor has been utilized perfectly. Additionally, high refresh rate ensures seamless performance of the charts.

Side Server Rendering: With LightningChart JS, you can avail side server rendering. It helps you to use our charts on a server application with ease. Dealing with high-quality charting images also becomes flawless affair.

Animations: LightningChart JS comes with animated charts. You can add animated charts to the application. With animated charts, data representation becomes more interactive.

Interactive Dashboard: LightningChart JS offers an interactive dashboard to the developers. It makes things easier for them. Dashboard helps to find different charts and controls at one place.

Different Types of Charts with LightningChart JS

LightningChart JS comes with different kinds of charts. This versatile and rich charting library can be used for developing different kinds of applications belonging to sectors like science, technology, trading, finance, banking, etc. In the following section, you can find the different types of charts that LightningChart JS offers.

XY Chart: You can use LightningChart JS for integrating a simple XY chart to your application. There are different scaling modes for XY charts. You can customize the shapes and sizes of markers and cursors.

Different Charts and New Features of LightningChart JS V.2.1.0

3D Charts: Incorporate 3D charts to your application easily with LightningChart JS charting library. 3D charts come with shape customization feature. You can personalize date and time formats. Camera control features are also there.

Heatmaps: Heatmaps are used for representing data in sports, finance, science, and other industries. With LightningChart JS, you can easily create a 2D heatmap mesh. There are many features for customization of the heat map.

Different Charts and New Features of LightningChart JS V.2.1.0

Pie Charts: Use of pie charts is common in representing data. Bank, finance, surveys, and many other industries need pie charts to be incorporated with their JavaScript applications. Using our LightningChart JS will make creating pie chart simpler.

Different Charts and New Features of LightningChart JS V.2.1.0

Pyramid Charts: With our LightningChart JS, you can create an interactive and well-structured pyramid chart. Using the customization options, you can make the pyramid chart flawlessly interactive for the end-users.

What’s New with LightningChart JS V.2.1.0?

With the new version of LightningChart JS, we intend to provide more advanced 3D charts to the developers. With increasing use of 3D charts, it has become a common thing to incorporate the 3D charts to the applications for different purposes. The new version of LightningChart JS comes with advanced 3D Box Series and 3D Surface Series. The new features include 3D bars, bar spectrograms, 3D surface, etc. With LightningChart JS V.2.1.0, you can also attain flawless and high performing animated charts. At Arction, we make continuous efforts to enrich charting libraries with more unique and new features.