Leverage performance with Arction

Leverage  performance with Arction

Arction offers high performance charting controls for Web and .NET. Our organization is specializes in developing charts with the assistance of software developers and technocrats. We have reached the apex position and successfully designed sophisticated and great-looking GPU accelerated charts for data visualization. With the support of the best international working team we have flourishing opportunities for career growth. We prefer to stay ahead of our competitors with by providing the latest solutions to our clients that they can never get with any our core competitors.

Vision and Mission

The company has the vision of making a global presence by providing the latest extraordinary data visualization features, maintaining the best possible standards in terms of quality that can assist us to accomplish their mission successfully.

We are striving effortlessly to setup new levels of industry standards with their company values that focus on developing long term relationship with the esteemed clients and investing on learning and research sector. Our knowledge, experience and hard work give us the confidence to break our own records for transforming the set industrial standards. With our perseverance of excellence, we rely in reaching the position that no one has reached ever. Backed by persistent research and learning, we ensure our clients are nourished with services beyond their expectations.

Leverage  performance with Arction

Components Available

Components like JAVASCRIPT charts, WPF Chart Control, WPF Chart, WPF Data Visualization, WPF graph, Winforms chart, C# graph, Chart Component, .NET charts, Chart Control etc. are provided by Arction Ltd, accompanied by Lightning Chart for Windows Forums and WPF. We also have a extensive collection of chart components with diverse functionality. WPF LightningChart also provides a range of user interface solutions for multiple application specific requirements.

Leverage  performance with Arction


Outperforming the cut-throat market competition, we concentrate in developing products with advanced features and high performance level. We are proud of our supreme quality products and high level of support that leads of customer satisfaction at its best.

List of success stories

Beijing Jiaotong University

We have been striving hard since our inception to reach great heights. Today, we are working with some of the eminent companies across the globe. Our trust-worthy partners include Centre-Space and Microsoft Software, Authorized Resellers like QAST Software Group, XLSOFT, Softline and distributed partners like Jianshukeji.com and KateChan Research. They have contributed in collaborations with Nokia, Huawei, TOYOTA, Komatsu, 3M, Sony, Audi, Honda, Hyundai and Mazda.

Leverage  performance with Arction

University of Sherbrooke

This project utilized Lightning charts to get better insights in the field of digital signal processing.

Cambridge Insitu Ltd

LightningChart is the major component of the Ge-Log pressure meter software, used for displaying the live pressure meter data. The information is displayed through 3D mapping, radial expansion and XY-Chart. The additional features include shape and color changes of the points in the charts.

GE-LOG is a superb logging program designed for Pressure meter by Issace Cragg. It shows live pressure meter data required for numerical analysis in graphics-dominated structures.

The University of Eastern Finland

LightningChart from Arction enabled the Eastern Finland University to develop efficient and fast applications for data analysis and data visualization of dental multi-spectral and oral images. The chart is use to design spectral image annotation tool, which is used by dentists later on for annotation of dentals and oral pictures.

Successful Collaborations

With the use of big data, computers, and AI technology, the project aimed in using charts for the identification of emergency targeted incidents in the railway network of the city and to develop high-end processing solutions of reducing the manual communication time during the overall procedures. The efficiency in the response time can be increased in this way and the handling operations can improve by leaps and bounds.

Career opportunities

Action provides all-round solutions for career opportunities. You can get a wide range of opportunities to choose from like managing sales, software developers, or .net developers and stay associated with the profound team of skilled professionals. We assist the dynamic youth to progress in their individual developments by using lighting chart feature available in our projects. You can grow with our team and become a successful and skilled professional.

Arction team is working and upgrading itself with every passing day to surpass the set industrial standards. The company believes investing in sound customer relationship and ensures proper guidance to the members.