Editing Services vs. Proofreading Services: Recognize The Difference

Editing Services vs. Proofreading Services: Recognize The Difference

When it comes to document preparation or translation, editing and proofreading are two distinct stages. Still, people mix these two different terms, or some think it to be the same. Every business owner or individual who gets their documents translated in some other language invariably hires a professional editing and proofreading service once they have finished translating the first draft of the paper.

Many online proofreading and editing services providers make it easy for their clients as they become the second pair of eyes eyeing the translated documents. These documents may include agreements, government contracts, annual reports, birth certificates, power of attorney papers, marriage, and divorce papers, to name a few. However, to help you express the true essence of the documents clearly and coherently, the editor and proofreader ought to be familiar with not only your work area but additionally the subject-specific conventions.

By definition, proofreading is a surface-level check, and it is the final check performed on a document. A proofreader will keep a check for misspellings, incorrect/ missed punctuation, textual and numerical inconsistencies, etc. On the other hand, editing reprimands issues at the core of composing, like sentence formation and language clarity. Thorough editing improves the text's readability, transparency, and tone.

The Main Differences Between Proofreading Services And Editing Services


  • Performed on the document's final draft
  • Addresses surface-level concerns/ arguments
  • Universally accepted, logical explanation
  • Performed to eliminate misspellings, grammatical & punctuation errors, inconsistencies, formatting errors, etc.
  • It does not involve word count reduction
  • It makes the document error-free
  • It does not require much collaboration with the translator
  • Less turnaround time


  • Made on the first draft of the document and continues till the draft gets finalized
  • Addresses the core features of the document
  • The definition alters in accordance with the scope of editing.
  • Heightens the language by presenting clarity, readability, and smooth narration transitions.
  • Incorporates word conversion if required
  • The overall quality of the document is improved
  • Collaborative as it demands the editor to work with the translator
  • Slightly more extended turnaround time

When To Pick A Proofreading Service?

You should pick a proofreading service when-

  • You're confident of the style & structure of your document and only need a basic grammar inspection to eliminate misspellings, typographical faults, or punctuation errors
  • Your document has been updated and requires a final inspection before submission.

When To Pick An Editing Service?

You should choose an editing service when-

  • Your translated text requires substantial revisions for legibility, clarity, readability, and flow.
  • You aspire to collaborate extensively with the editor to polish and refine the translated text

Some online editing services providers offer proofreading as a separate service, while a few offer it as an editing service. Some are well-versed only in proofreading services. Alternatively, an editing service can cover proofreading, but proofreading assistance does not include editing.

The Final Touch!

Proofreading and editing are both expected to enhance the quality of translated texts. Proofreading and editing services work on distinct aspects to transform your document into an eloquent and worthwhile written expression, whether a research paper, an agreement or a grant proposal.