Ideas Can Make Your Small Kitchen Look Spacious

Ideas Can Make Your Small Kitchen Look Spacious

According to Anthony Wardan, it doesn’t matter the size of your kitchen these ideas can give it that spacious feel or look.

Many people preferred a spacious kitchen but the truth is that many are stuck with small kitchens. Some at one point have considered or even decided to remodel or renovate their kitchen. But before you start knocking down some walls to create more space in your kitchen you should continue reading for more insight. Certain design ideas can help make your kitchen look more spacious without the need for a major renovation. According to Anthony Wardan, it doesn’t matter the size of your kitchen these ideas can give it that spacious feel or look. With proper lighting, colour and the right content in the kitchen, it becomes easy to create a spacious illusion.

Consider Using Light Colours

White Kitchens Using Light Colours

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Colour is part of the major design component that helps create the feel of a room being spacious. The reason you want to use light colour is that it helps to reflect light and as a result enhances the sense of space. There are various colours to choose from but using the right one can make a whole lot of difference. Some may recommend using cream or white colour but that should not limit you from exploring other colours that can work even better. One important thing to do with whatever colour you decide to use is to ensure that both the walls and cabinet have the same colour. It will help make your kitchen look bigger than it should.

Consider Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns Kitchen

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Geometric patterns are ideal for small spaces because they help to create that feeling of more space. Patterns can be used to accent a small space but to avoid making the space feel too busy or overcrowded is better not to overdo it. Using geometric patterns in the kitchen can be used to make it feel taller or longer depending on the layout. You can also achieve this by putting the focus on the floor of the kitchen through directional flooring. It can help to draw the eye vertically or outwardly which makes the kitchen floor look longer and wider. When using pattern tiles it is better to use colours that will reflect light, rather than those that will absorb it. Pale-coloured woods or light tiles should be considered for this.

Create Space for Everything

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When you have a small kitchen one of the challenges or problems faced is limited storage space. But leaving too much stuff on the countertop will only occupy valuable workspace which will make the kitchen look small as a result of cluttered stuff. When there are just a few stuff on the countertops or worktops it makes your kitchen feel more organized, and neat. Therefore, it is better to ensure that only the important stuff which is used daily is left out on the countertops. And create space for other items in the cabinets which you can easily have access to when needed. In case you want to change your cabinets you can consider taller upper cabinets. Other options that can help maximize your storage space include using swing-out or pull-out shelves and concealed storage racks say Anthony Wardan.

Choose Your Kitchen Appliances Wisely

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You want to ensure you choose wisely when buying your kitchen appliances to avoid occupying valuable space. Choose a compact fridge, dishwasher and other appliances that don’t eat up space. You want appliances that will take up a very small space in your kitchen and thankfully most modern appliances are compact. Another option that can be of help is using integrated kitchen appliances which give your kitchen more space and makes it look less cluttered. It also gives your kitchen that modern and sleeker feel.

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