Employing innovative solutions for joint ventures we form with our clients, joint venture participants, and Grand River, none at the expense of the other.

Every Client Matters

We believe in Honesty - Integrity - Transparency - Our strategy is to employ innovative solutions for the joint ventures we form such that our clients, our joint venture participants, and Grand River all win, none at the expense of the others.

Our Goal

Build real estate assets that deliver sustainable returns.

Our goal is to be the best and a model; we don’t aim to be the biggest, simply the most successful. Grand River only entertains opportunities that meet the stringent criteria of our joint venture participants – quality rather than quantity!

Grand river Real Estate Investments

Grand River Real Estate Investments

Our Vision

Leader in creative and innovative Real Estate joint ventures.

Grand River strives to tailor joint venture opportunities meeting the exacting goals of all its participants.

Our Values

Honesty – Integrity – Transparency.

These values are the beacons that guide Grand River’s selection of joint venture participants as well as its relationship with clients.

Our Story

A few years ago, most of our team began looking for opportunities to supplement our income, build up our retirement funds, and potentially become a full-time endeavour. Quite by chance, six of our original group met while taking real estate seminars – a field all believed could meet our objectives.

We launched ourselves and tried to apply what we had learned – the first surprise was “we didn’t know what we didn’t know”! We quickly found out that what we had learned in the courses and seminars could only become successful through actually doing it. So we did and, yes we made some mistakes, learned from them and concluded that real estate could provide us with the opportunities to reach our goals. Since we were all doing this on a part-time basis, we believed we could be more successful by working together within a more formal business structure.

Grand River REI

Grand River REI

What We Do

As real estate entrepreneurs, acquisition and ownership of properties is accomplished by creating customized joint ventures. By this, we mean that each venture is structured to specifically meet the objectives of the joint venture participants who are qualified real estate investors working with us.

Grand River chooses to operate geographically within Southwestern Ontario, the Niagara Peninsula, and the Hamilton/Brantford areas. Our preference is to focus on communities of more than 25,000 in population.

How we Do what we Do

  • Customized Joint ventures →
  • Property Acquisitions →Rental Properties →
  • Rental Properties →Property Management →
  • Property Management →Home Purchase Solutions →
  • Home Purchase Solutions →

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Our Location:

307 Grand River Street North, PO Box 20017

Paris, Ontario


Grand River REI

Grand River REI