Greet The New Year With A Good Wellness Routine

Greet The New Year With A Good Wellness Routine

Your Family Doctor Wants You And Yours To Be HEALTHY In 2020

When the holiday season begins to wind down, the thoughts of many start to turn back to the health habits they may have “let slide” during this busy, festive time of year.

A lot of gym memberships or exercise programs are given as holiday gifts… and many people make new year’s resolutions that call for jumping into a new exercise regimen.

If you’ve been visiting the gym regularly throughout the year, you’ll notice the difference: it’ll be a lot harder (maybe even impossible) to get time on your favorite workout machines once the calendar flips over to 2020!

(If you’ve been at it for a number of years, you know that much of the January crowd at the gym will “thin out” by Valentine’s Day.)

Has it been a while since you were really dedicated to a solid personal wellness routine? If so, your family medical practitioners offer some simple habits you could adopt to get the new year off to an energetic, healthy start.

The New Year Is A Great Time For The “NEWSS”

“NEWSS” stands for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, and Supplements… and these five daily health habits can help you approach the new year with greater get-up-and-go.

• Nutrition. Let’s face it – it’s tough to “diet” during the holidays. Most of us don’t even attempt it! We’re happy to let the holiday season be the one time of year when we prioritize pleasure over discipline… when we want to enjoy treats in which we don’t usually indulge. Simply cutting out (or reducing) the sugar and processed foods we’ve been enjoying during the holidays is a great “baby step” when it comes to getting back to a more disciplined dietary routine.

• Exercise. Start small… but start. Maybe you’ll want to avoid the crowds at the gym, and just start January 1 with a daily walk or around-the-block jog. February might be a great time to get back into the gym habit – when the daily group of fellow exercisers at your favorite workout facility starts to get smaller.

• Water. It’s often surprising how little water we consume during the busy holiday season. For a lot of people, alcohol and caffeine consumption also goes up a bit during the festive time of the year… and that doesn’t help your hydration situation. With the start of the new year, consider reducing (or eliminating) cocktails, beer, wine, and caffeinated drinks… and make sure you’re getting about two liters of refreshing water every day.

• Sleep. Who’s got time for sleep when there are all those fun holiday activities waiting out there? But sleep is extremely important to your daily wellness routine. A new bedtime ritual, and a reconfiguring of your daily schedule to allow for eight hours of solid sleep, will allow you to experience an immediate jump in your overall energy and sense of well-being.

• Supplements. Again, taking your daily multi-vitamin (and other good nutritional supplements) might be a habit that’s slipped away from you during the holidays. Adding vitamins to your shopping cart during the next trip to the store is an easy way to jump-start your health for the new year. (You do also need to actually consume the vitamins each day!)

Your family doctor will likely have many other great suggestions – with consideration to your specific health history and wellness situation – to make the new year a strong and energetic time. Stop by the family clinic after the holidays and get some ideas. You might be surprised at how less sluggish and “out of it” you feel, in just a few short weeks, once you’ve got the NEWSS.