How you win or lose says a lot about you

How you win or lose says a lot about you

Your attitude when you either win or lose, reveals more about your personality - in sports, business and life.

Watching Bianca Andreescu’s reaction when Serena Williams had to step down from the contest was touching.

Showing maturity beyond her 19 years, she reached out and showed empathy towards the hurting tennis player. Her first thought was not for herself, but for her opponent. I am sure this was not the way she wanted to win, but she demonstrated much empathy to the person who “lost.”

Sadly that is not always the case. Quite frequently, especially in politics, the loser embarks on a smear campaign, spreading rumours and nasty innuendos about the successful candidate and the choices people have made in selecting someone else to represent them.

Or they hang around waiting to catch the person out. Frankly that says much about them, and how the right decision had been made!

No denying, it is disappointing to lose, especially if you have poured your heart and soul into winning, but little can be gained by acting bitter and twisted about it.

Far better, outwardly at least, to accept what has happened and be a graceful loser, even when you are hurt and disappointed inside. Time is a healer, and perhaps it can be a learning experience if you ask yourself why.

As for the winner, no one likes someone who gloats about the win. Celebrate by all means, but when you show empathy for how your opponent is feeling, you demonstrate true leadership.

Bianca was a class act and it bodes well with her future career – be it in tennis or elsewhere.

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