The stumbling blocks behind Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

The stumbling blocks behind Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Factors hindering Cryptocurrency Exchange development

Though cryptocurrencies have witnessed substantial growth and frenzied trading levels for the past few years, their value as an investment tool has been affected by several factors.

Some of the important aspects that can bring about a huge difference in choosing a cryptocurrency exchange software are

Domination of a few cryptocurrencies - First-mover advantage would hold good for established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As more and more cryptocurrencies enter the market intensifying the competition, very few offer innovative and differential solutions. This can lead to a situation where only a few cryptos sustain in the long run. With the rise in the number of online scams, people may be skeptical of investing in these platforms. This increase in caution and less appetite for risk-taking can affect the number of Initial Coin Offerings and tokens created through these exchanges.

Increase in the number of rivals - With the tight rivalry between experienced cryptocurrencies and new startups, healthy competition is good for the industry. However, trust and leadership play important roles to ensure that the decentralized technology flourishes. It depends on the extent to which blockchain technology is used to fix critical issues such as transaction costs and network strength.

Adoption from the mainstream - No cryptocurrency can truly grab the market without being in good books of the financial system. Players, such as commercial banks, moneylenders, etc., willing to accept Bitcoin as deposits can prove to be a gamechanger. The usage of cryptocurrencies by the public in retail stores and other utility outlets can boost their status. Strong reasons need to be advocated and concerns addressed, for replacing traditional currencies with digital currencies. Innovative offerings through future contracts, debt instruments can play a big role in wealth management and asset allocation.

Involvement of the Government - Regulatory authorities of each country should be open-minded and friendly towards cryptocurrency exchanges. The full potential of blockchain technology is realized through cryptocurrencies. Banning cryptocurrencies in some countries would narrow down the spread of technology too. Centralized control is not ideal. Timely intervention through laws and clear-cut policy guidelines can play a significant role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies throughout the nation.

Role of the media - News Feeds spreading negativity can trigger the market by manipulating the minds of investors. Flashy coverage can spread panic and lead to a glut in the market. The media must provide a non-biased view of cryptocurrencies keeping in mind the interests of investors and companies. Too much importance given to the performance of market leaders can also affect the industry, as a majority’s viewpoint takes precedence over independent coverage. The media should not also fall prey to fake news and must do thorough fact-checking before posting their views. Other factors like political tensions and financial instability can also lead to manipulation in the price of cryptocurrencies.

Security problems and bankruptcy - Hacker attacks, ransomware, and data breach in cryptocurrency exchange development can promote fear in the minds of investors. There are many cases where funds have been withdrawn automatically from investors. Since exchanges, platforms, and wallets are inter-connected, violations in any system can have a huge impact. A market with a large number of exchanges and widespread distribution of funds can manage such a crisis. Cryptocurrency exchange software with a small trade volume will be subject to high speculation.

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