Zutano Partners – Help With a Vision

 Zutano Partners – Help With a Vision

Uli Belenky started Zutano clothing with a desire to cloth her new baby girl in something more spectacular and comfortable than the conventional baby clothing o

Uli Belenky started Zutano clothing with a desire to cloth her new baby girl in something more spectacular and comfortable than the conventional baby clothing of that time could offer. She began here vision with a sewing machine and some unique pieces of fabric right in her Greenwich Village apartment.

Ten or more years later, the dream is still alive and thriving and better than ever. The company has stayed true to these early days by only providing their clothing to small boutiques and specialty stores around the country instead of mass producing as many other company’s do.

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Two Years Later

Two years later the Zutano company moved from the city to Cabot Vermont where Uli and her husband Michael not only wanted to raise their now growing family of two daughters but also raise their company up to produce some of the most natural clothing on the market today.

Zutano is true to form with the beautiful and comfortable clothing made from the finest cotton and the softest fleece of any other.

The farmhouse they have renovated and chosen has a new office space and quarters for design and innovation. It is most strange that a company such as this would be found in a farmhouse in the middle of the most serene and beautiful country.

Believing In Ones Self

Zutano believes in being one company that has not forgotten about the human side of the customers they serve or the thousands of babies that need the special touch and feel of their clothing and bedding.

The company holds true to the philosophy that in selling to smaller companies, they can stay in control of the designs and choices they make.

Michael, who is a photographer, has worked his love of the camera into the finery that makes Zutano clothing come alive. He is responsible for the marketing material and all its appeal and bright colorful shots.

He utilizes the same farmhouse to take pictures of babies and infants and combine the different clothing articles to make mixes of prints and colors come alive.

Baby Basics

The Baby Basics online of children’s clothing is the made by a small company in Hong Kong because of its ability to produce a higher quality of clothing than is found anywhere in the United States. They have worked with this family company since they moved from the city to Vermont.

The clothing and fabric are created from the beginning to end. Each design is sent and the fabric is made and sent back. They start with nothing, create the beautiful fabrics, and work them into the unique pieces representative of Zutano.

Great Company

Not only is Zutano a great company itself, they know how to pick their partnering companies to match their enthusiasm and vision for children’s clothing.

No matter where you choose to purchase your Zutano children’s pieces, you can rest assured that what you put next to your babies skin will be crafted especially by people who understand the quality you expect in fine apparel and how special the person wearing it really is to you.

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