Try These Pet Grooming Tips from Our 3 Groomers

Try These Pet Grooming Tips from Our 3 Groomers

Use these tips to help reduce your pets stress/anxiety with grooming. Same day appointments may be available! Clip our coupon & call today!

Keeping Your Pet Looking Their Best

Whether you plan to maintain your pets coat at home or use a professional pet groomer, setting your pet up for a low stress - successful grooming session is key.

From the time your pet is a puppy or a kitten, you need to show them that grooming is not a bad thing.

If your pet is an adult a little work to get them comfortable with brushing or nail trimming can pay off.

The grooming salon is located at the front of our building at 621 Hespeler Road. There are 3 parking spots at the front entrance for quick drop offs and pick-ups from grooming appointments.

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Meet Our Grooming Team

Meet Pam!

Pam has been grooming for over 20 years, pampering pets with perfection! She has a great deal of patience and takes her time with those pets stressed out about grooming.

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Pam & Alexis : 226-499-1140

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Pam - Groomer for Dogs & Cats with 20+ yrs Experience

Meet Alexis!

We are pleased to introduce Alexis to our grooming team. She comes with over 4 years experience and takes pride in making your cat or dog look their very best.

Alexis is an RVT and groomer who graduated from Seneca College from the Veterinary Technician program with honours in 2016. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree with honours majoring in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph.

She has four cats, Lucifer, Lucky, Titten and Pumpkin and a lovely dog named Toro. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and going on hikes with her dog.

Same Day Appointments May Be Available !!!

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Alexis - Groomer and RVT - Accepting New Clients!

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Meet Ryan!

Ryan has been grooming for 10+ years. One of his favourite breeds to groom is the Yorkshire Terrier, although he grooms all cat and dog breeds.

“I always have a pocket full of treats and a happy outlook. I try to be very observant and tailor my handling techniques to your dog. I will give them breaks if they are stressed, use treats for encouragement, get them to "work" by doing something such as giving a paw for trimming, or have them do nothing at all if that seems to make them happy.” - Ryan

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Ryan - Groomer for 10+ Years

Tips to Help Your Pet Adjust to A Grooming Routine

1. Use positive reinforcement though praise and food rewards. Gently stroke your pet's head, ears and along the nose/muzzle area. Touch your pet's body with their brush to get them used to it being near them. Let your pet develop a sense of trust realizing grooming feels good.

2. Rub each leg and play with each foot. Touch each toe with the nail trimmers. When your pet accepts this touching on a regular basis, start by trimming just one foot and providing a treat. Work up to your pet tolerating having each foot trimmed.

3. Keep grooming sessions short but frequent. Break it into body parts over a few days ie. head & ears on Monday, body on Tuesday, face on Wednesday , belly and tail on Thursday.

Don’t forget to add in brushing your pet's teeth daily if you can, or as many times as you can during the week.

4. Pets love food. Leave your grooming tools ( brushes, combs) by their food bowls so they become a familiar item.

5. Let your pet investigate the grooming tools, be sure to offer treats to make it a good experience.

6. Offer special treats like a lick of peanut butter or canned food to distract your pet while brushing or nail trimming.

7. Use a few mists of synthetic pheromones like Adaptil (dogs) or Feliway (cats) to help reduce any anxiety or stress during your grooming session. These are 2 items we always have in stock because they really do help. We use them for our in hospital patients and in our exam rooms as well.

Spray it on a towel and place your pet on it while grooming or spray it on a bandana / collar.

The effects of the pheromone will last up to 5 hours on the towel or bandana. Lay the blanket in your pets favourite sleeping place after your grooming session.

8. Pour ear cleaner on a cotton ball, warm it in your hands and then squeeze the excess into the ear canal. Do this rather than pouring from the container, which can be cold. Massage the base of the ear to help loosen debris.

Use pieces of dry cotton or gauze squares to remove any waxy debris. If your pets' ears have a bad odour or seem red and irritated, they may have an ear infection. In this case, consult your veterinarian before cleaning the ears.

9. Introduce your puppy to their new groomer as early as possible. Start with just a face and bum trim ( 8 - 16 weeks of age), let them hear the sound of the clippers and feel the vibration in a quick appointment.

Our groomers will do this for our regular veterinary or grooming clients at no charge. Their main goal is to earn your pet's trust.

Some people will start with a puppy clip ( small trim, keeping the look of the puppy) at around 16 weeks of age, by then your puppy will have had all of its vaccinations. We would recommend having the Bordetella vaccine completed before regular grooming sessions as it is an airborne virus.

10. If you are having difficulty with nail trims on your own, ask your groomer or veterinary team for help.

Animal Hospital of Cambridge do offer nail trim cards - pay for 4 nail trims, get 1 free. Service is performed by our Registered Veterinary Technicians.

How to Trim Your Pet's Nails

Some dogs do better with nail grinding. This services is performed by our professional pet groomers. Nail grinding files away the length of the nail with out the feeling of a squeeze from a regular nail trimmer. It helps to round the tip of the nail. Some people find this leaves the nail shorter and will make it easier on your hardwood floors.

11. Keep calm and groom on. Your pet will pick up on your anxiety. Remain calm while training your pet to accept grooming or when dropping them off at the groomer.

12. Regular brushing will help prevent fur matting. Matted fur is uncomfortable for your dog or cat because it pulls on the skin. In some instances, a skin issue can develop under the matted area. If you notice skin irritation please consult your veterinarian.

Never try to cut a mat out on your own. You may end up cutting your pet's skin by accident. Consult your groomer for help removing it. Depending on the degree of matting, your pet may require a full shave down, allowing you to start over.

13. Finish up every grooming session with words of praise and a final treat. Do something they look forward to... go for a walk or play fetch with their favourite toy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grooming

How often should I bathe my pet?

Some pets will need to be bathed more frequently - especially if they have an odour or skin condition. As a general rule, every 2 - 3 months should suffice as long as they haven't rolled in the mud! If your pet has a skin condition requiring medicated shampooing, they may need one more frequently. Consult your veterinarian for their recommendation.

How often should I trim my pets nails?

Nail trim frequency will depend on your pets rate of nail growth and types of activities they do.

Cats may require a nail trim every 3 weeks but may be able to go longer if they routinely use a scratching post.

Dogs may need a nail trim at least once every 1 to 1.5 months. If they do a lot of walking on sidewalks or pavement the nails may file themselves down a bit, therefore requiring less frequent trims.

How often should I bring my pet to the groomer for a trim?

We recommend keeping your pet on a regular grooming cycle of every 6-8 weeks. This will help prevent matting and the need to take your pet's coat shorter than you are used to.

Animal Hospital of Cambridge Groomers will provide your pet with a friendly pampered grooming experience Tuesday to Saturday.

Be sure to book your pet in for their tidy up before all the spaces are filled!

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