VIP Insurance (Very Important Pet)

VIP Insurance  (Very Important Pet)

Pet insurance saves lives! Have you always thought pet insurance was too expensive? We've done the research and compared. Read More!


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Why Consider Pet Insurance?

Having a pet insurance policy on your pet is a good idea for many reasons :

- Coverage for bigger medical bills due to an unexpected illness or injury helps your budget

- Have your dog or cat on a plan before "breed specific" health issues pop up so you will always be covered.

Research your breed of dog or cat.... what issues might creep up?  It's always best to know your breed so you can be prepared to help them stay healthy.

Link to dog breed research


Research Dog Breed Health Concerns -  Click Here

Look under the Dog Breed Guide tab and then choose the breed of dog you have.   A variety of information is available, everything from pet characteristics to health concerns.

Research Cat breed health information

Cat Breed Information

Research Cat Breed Health Concerns - Click Here

Look under the Cat Breed Guide tab and then choose the breed of cat you have. A variety of information is available, everything from pet characteristics to health concerns.

- Peace of mind knowing that no matter what - due to your pets coverage, you can save your pet in their time of need

-Some insurance companies pay the vet clinic directly so you only pay the small percent they don't cover; such as the deductible, taxes, or for exams

( depending on the company/carrier you use). Easier on your wallet.

-Choosing a policy that covers chronic health issues with no limit for the lifetime of your pet is recommended.  This can help your pet live longer.


Animal Hospital of Cambridge Veterinarians Recommend Pet Insurance

Our Veterinarian's Recommend Pet Insurance                                                     because It Helps Pet Owners Afford Their Pets Care

We always suggest to friends,family, and our clients that when you add a new puppy or kitten to your family to sign up for pet insurance, especially for the first year.

Adult pets can also be signed up for insurance... it is never too late !

You never know if your new pet will be accident prone, have a weak immune system or develop allergies.... If you enrol in a policy before any ailments take place - there will be no exclusions placed on your pet.... However if you wait until something happens and then want coverage.... this particular health issue will now be considered pre-existing and not be covered.

Think pet insurance is expensive?

If you could ask some of the many pet parents we see on a daily basis who have pet insurance in place, they would tell you "Not having pet insurance is way more expensive. Having to pay out of pocket for your entire bill when the unexpected happens or when chronic issues begin to add up is the hard part of being a pet parent."

We often hear people say how thankful they are that we recommended signing up for pet insurance.

How Do You Choose A Pet Insurance Policy?

Ask Us Who We Recommend to Save You Money !

There are a variety of insurance providers out there. We have experience with a variety of companies and would be happy to discuss a recommendation that may fit your pets  needs.

We have done the research on what is offered and on what a typical premium is. We can help you choose the right plan with the best coverage and savings to help make pet care affordable for you and your pet.  Most insurance company websites will allow you to get a free quote to help in your decision.

We will help you with enrolment because

we truly believe pet insurance saves lives !

Want to do some research of your own?

Visit the Pet Insurance Review Website. Click Here

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