Why Tracking Lyme Disease In Dogs Is Important to Human Health

Why Tracking Lyme Disease In Dogs Is Important to Human Health

There’s info that suggests canine exposure to Borrelia (the bacterium) can also be an indicator of the risk of human exposure, resulting in Lyme Disease.

Time to Book Your Pets Parasite testing & Begin Your Pets Tick Prevention

With temperatures so up and down these days, ticks can be found year round. Proactively, you can use prevention year-round.  Give us a call to discuss the risk factors for Ticks in Ontario.

As daily temperatures reach 4 degrees Celsius ( and possibly at any above zero degrees) ticks become active, looking for their next meal and therefore, it is time to start your pet's tick prevention.

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Many prevention products are available.   Found in oral chewable's or topical preparations.   Many veterinary products  will also prevent fleas at the same time, another pesky parasite.

Let us recommend the right product to protect your pet.

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Cat's Should Use Tick Prevention Too !

Lyme disease is a growing concern for pets and people.

Numbers of reported Lyme positive dogs is just an indication of the issue at hand.

What we need to consider is that true numbers are likely higher because not all dogs will be tested.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council data for 2019 reported that out of 5548 positive Lyme tests in dogs from Canada, 3172 dogs were from Ontario !


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Why Is Testing Your Dog for Lyme Disease Important?

"There’s some info that suggests canine exposure to Borrelia (the bacterium that is transmitted by deer ticks causing Lyme disease) can also be an indicator of the risk of human exposure, which makes sense since dogs and people are exposed the same way (i.e. being bitten by an infected deer tick (Ixodes scapulars)."

- from the worms and germs blog

Click here to read how to remove a tick.  First line of defence is to to check your pet and yourself after every outdoor activity.

Tracking Brings Awareness

Tracking the incidence of Lyme disease in dogs brings awareness as to where on the map it can be found and indicates that we as humans must also take precautions not to contract it through tick bites.

We need to stay one step ahead!

Some areas on the Public Health Map may have a higher endemic incidence than others, but even one Lyme positive Deer tick in our area indicates we should be doing all we can to protect our pets and our family.

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Get Started Today !

As part of your dogs parasite screening this spring; a simple blood test can screen for Tick borne diseases like Lyme, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis, as well as Heartworm at the same time.

Results can be reported in as little as 24-48 hours.

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** As always Heartworm prevention should be added into the parasite prevention and be started by June 1st !

*** Keep in mind that cats who live with dogs should also have prevention medication on board.