How Do You Properly Remove Ticks From Your Pet?

How Do You Properly Remove Ticks From Your Pet?

By now most people have heard about Ticks and the diseases they carry..... Watch our video on how to remove them from your pet.

Ticks....  How Do You Remove Them ?

In March 2017 we have removed over 60 ticks from our clients' dogs....  and we found ticks right though until the end of November.

During the warmer days where temperatures reached 4 degrees Celsius or above in February of this year active ticks found their way onto a few of our clients dogs.   Each owner brought them in so we could remove the ticks for identification.

Something to also keep in mind are cats who go outdoors they are also at risk.  We have had reports of people finding ticks on their dogs in Cambridge, Ontario,  right in their own backyard.   This is both surprising and alarming as most ticks are found in areas of long grass or forested areas.

Prevention medication is recommended to be used year round especially considering the milder days we have during winter/fall months.   Prevention is available from a variety of companies in both chewable or topical preparations...

Some product rebates are available - Ask us for more information !

After every outdoor activity with your dog, or when your outdoor cat returns home....  give them a pat down to feel for ticks.    Remove attached ticks as soon as possible.  The longer the tick remains, the more chance for disease transmission.

Diseases transmitted by ticks:

Lyme Disease



Tick protection is advised year round as they are very hardy and can survive our mild winters.   Watch our video on how to properly remove a tick.  It is important to remove the entire tick ; especially the head to prevent infection.

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I know there are a lot of posts out there on the internet for "natural" remedies and prevention - all are well meaning - but they could be doing more harm than good.

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Frenchie in the garden

Preventive veterinary medications are proven to kill ticks - especially the Deer Tick; the species that transmits Lyme to pets and people.  If your pet has been bitten by a tick, consult your Veterinarian - testing for tick borne disease may be warranted.

If your pet is not on tick prevention, it's not too late to start. Give us a call to start your pet on protection 519-624-9760.