Why Is My HP Printer Offline And How To Fix It?

Why Is My HP Printer Offline And How To Fix It?

Why Is My HP Printer Offline And How To Fix It?

Offline printer status is a common issue among various printers. So does the same with HP printers. It can be fixed easily by adjusting some settings and following the steps you will see in this blog. It might be possible that you are ready to print a document, and suddenly, you see a notification that your HP printer is offline. It is really annoying and may run you late for your work. But we have explained the simple things to fix HP printer offline status.

What Does An Offline Status Show?

It represents the communication error with your PC or any device that sends the print job. It doesn’t mean that your printer has been damaged. The printer with offline status doesn’t receive new print jobs and pauses all the prints until you fix the issue. The first step is not to send any print job till you find a troubleshooting method. If your print queue has print jobs, you need to cancel them first until you get back online.

But remember to save your work so that you can resume it later. There are some common reasons why your printer is offline.

Connection issues

Outdated printer drivers

Setting issues

Each problem has a different fixing procedure. Look at the methods to find out the problem in your case.

Methods To Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Issue

Confirm “Use Printer Offline” Mode Is Not Selected

The HP printer gets offline when the Use printer in offline mode is selected. Hence, you must ensure that this option is not selected. Follow the given methods to rectify the issue.

First, select the Start menu and click “Settings.”

Then, click on Devices> printer & scanners.

And then select your printer from the list and right-click on it.

Go to the menu and uncheck the “Use Printer Offline” option.

Now, your HP printer will get back to online mode.

Confirm Your Printer Is “Set As Default Printer”

If your HP printer is running offline on any Windows version, you must follow some troubleshooting steps to solve it.

First, press the Windows and R keys together to open the Run box and type in “Control Panel” in the dialogue box.

Click “OK.”

Then, click on the “Device and Printer” option, which will show a list of HP printers. If your HP printer model is green-marked, the printer is set as the default printer.

If it’s not, right-click on your printer and click the “Set as default printer” option.

Hence, your printer will return to online mode, diminishing offline status.

Check For Printer Drivers

The outdated version of printer drivers can result in an offline issue in the HP printer. To fix this, you need to update or reinstall the printer drivers on your operating system. See how to do it on Windows.

First, go to Windows search, navigate to “Device Manager,” and click it.

Then, expand the section up to the “Printers” option.

Now from this section, find your printer’s model number and right-click it, and then click on the “Update Driver” option.

Then, click the “Search automatically” option and let the printer drivers update. When the update is done, reboot your computer.

To reinstall your printer drivers, go to “Control Panel,” click “Remove programs,” and uninstall the installed HP printer driver.

And then, download the HP printer drivers from HP’s official website and install them.

Check Your Connection

If the printer is offline after adjusting some of its settings, it might be a connection issue. There might be several reasons for it, depending on the type of connection. If it’s a wired connection, check for the USB cord. Ensure it is correctly placed. If its don’t work, use another USB cord.

In case of a wireless connection, follow the given steps:

Start by turning off your printer and waiting for 10 seconds. Also, remove the power cord from it.

Now your printer is completely disconnected from the connection.

After a while, connect the power cord to your printer and turn on the printer.

Now, remove the power cord from the wireless router.

Wait for at least 10 seconds, as it may take a while to get it online.

Then, turn on your computer.

Use the HP wireless setup wizard and HP Smart software to connect your printer to the network.

And then print a wireless report to check if the connectivity problem still exists.

Lastly, navigate this report in your printer’s network settings or Wireless menu.

Use Another Device To Print

You can try printing from another device, such as a laptop or a smartphone. It can be possible that a flawed connection is the main issue for offline status. Therefore, try connecting your printer to another computer device to check if it was a connection issue or something else.


It was all about fixing the HP printer offline issue. Follow the methods to fix the issue and get your printer back online. You have to look for connection errors by restarting the printer and computer. The outdated printer drivers can also cause the problem, and they must be updated or reinstalled to fix the error. Apart from this, check whether your printer is set as the default printer and confirm that the “Use printer as offline” is not selected.

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