What Is McAfee Security? [Features & Installation Process]

What Is McAfee Security? [Features & Installation Process]

When you’re thinking of antivirus software, McAfee Security is among the first companies that come to mind. This company was founded in 1987, and they have constantly been trying to make computers safe from viruses for over thirty years now. In 2022, McAfee is considered one of the most popular antivirus brands, and there are many things for which the McAfee brand is famous.

McAfee is also amongst the best antivirus tools used by security experts and general users. McAfee has got some amazing malware detection rates and extra features like VPN, technical customer support, and a password management system.

Main Features Of McAfee Security

Secure VPN: McAfee offers a customizable Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature that helps you in browsing the internet, communicating, and helps you in making financial transactions securely.

Identity Monitoring: McAfee also offers a security feature that scans the dark web for stolen emails and stolen personal information that might be there for selling. If McAfee finds your details on the dark web, McAfee tries to secure and recover your compromised information and accounts.

Personal Data Cleanup: McAfee takes back your privacy from the data brokers who sell your personal information that has been collected from social media, public records, and other sources.

WiFi and System Scan: McAfee software is available on both Android and iOS. You can use the WiFi and System scan feature to ensure that your WiFi networks connected are safe and your computer operating system is always up to date and configured securely.

Antivirus: McAfee is an awarded antivirus software available for the android version of McAfee Security. The antivirus scans for malicious files and apps in the device and provides always-on protection for your mobile device.

How To Install McAfee Security

Follow the following steps to install McAfee:

Go to the official website of McAfee and choose the right antivirus plan for you.

Then, purchase a subscription plan for your McAfee by creating an account and completing the payment process.

Download The McAfee application by going to “Download and Devices” on the “dashboard under the Protect all your devices” section.

Once McAfee installation is complete, click on the “Get Started” button and enable the VPN services, firewall, and real-time [protection services for instantly securing your device.

Use the McAfee application to familiarize yourself with the app and use the main dashboard to find other useful tools and features.

System Requirements For McAfee Security

McAfee can be installed on any device that runs on any of these minimum operating system versions:

For iOS devices, minimum iOS version 13 and later.

For Android devices, minimum android version 7 or later.


McAfee is one of the most advanced online security suites, which offers many features to keep your devices safe and secure from viruses. We personally loved the Web Advisor and the Shredder Tool.

There are many cheaper antivirus software available online. But there are a lot of features you get for the money you spend, like encrypted storage, true key password manager, and the McAfee secure VPN. At last, we conclude that the Mcafee antivirus software protects all of your devices at a reasonable price and is absolutely worth the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Install The McAfee Security App?

Follow the following steps to install the McAfee security app on your device:

Go to the app store on your mobile device.

Search for the “McAfee Security” on the App Store.

Click on “Get” to install the application on your mobile device.

After the downloading time, McAfee will be successfully installed on your device.

Does McAfee Security Have An Antivirus Feature?

You only get the antivirus feature for the Android version of McAfee security. The iOS version of McAfee does not scan for viruses because iOS does not allow applications to access the filesystem in the required way.

Important Note

McAfee security does not provide security services like VPN, Dark Web Monitoring, and other security features. If you’re searching for a traditional antivirus application, we highly recommend you go for “McAfee Total Protection.”

How many devices can we use with McAfee security?

You can install the McAfee security app on unlimited devices you want to protect and secure. The only restriction is that the devices should meet the minimum system requirements.

If I am already paying for another McAfee product. Which one should I continue using?

Yes, you can simultaneously use the McAfee security app with other McAfee products on the same device or computer simultaneously.

But you should be aware of the following points:

If you do not have a McAfee account or if you’re using a McAfee account without signing in, then you’re using the free trial mode. This free trial mode of McAfee has limited features.

And if you’re paying for a McAfee subscription, then you should sign into the security with the credits associated with the subscription. After signing in with the correct McAfee security plan, the security features and more functionalities are unlocked.

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