How To Setup Canon Printer Wirelessly Using Simple Steps

How To Setup Canon Printer Wirelessly Using Simple Steps

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Are you searching over the Internet for a quick and easy setup of Canon Printer? Here is a definitive guide if you have tried to connect a Canon printer wirelessly but have yet to succeed. This guide will help you learn how to set up Canon Printer Wirelessly. We will talk about procedures to connect a canon printer wirelessly, how to add a wireless printer to a computer and what steps need to be taken if the Canon printer is behaving weirdly.

Setting Up Canon Printer To WiFi Network

By following the steps below, you can connect your Canon printer to your WiFi effortlessly.

First, turn on your printer by pressing the power button.

Now, press the Settings button and then press the arrow button. Once you go to Device settings, click OK.

Keep pressing the arrow button until you see LAN settings. Click OK then.

Press the arrow button and continue until you go to Wireless LAN setup. Click OK then.

These steps will allow your printer to search for WiFi networks. You will get to see a blinking light in the meanwhile.

If the searching process takes a long time, press Stop, and you will enter into wireless LAN setup, standard setup automatically. Click OK then.

Keep pressing the arrow button until you find your WiFi network. Click on OK then.

In the next step, enter your WiFi password and click ok.

Once you find that the screen is saying Connected, click on OK.

Adding Wireless Canon Printer to Computer

Once your canon printer has been added successfully to WiFi, make sure to add it to the computer to enable it to work correctly. Here are the steps you can follow.

Use your keyboard and then press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously. In the box, copy and paste the control /name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters. Click OK then.

In the next step, just click on Add a printer and follow the on-screen instructions. This will complete the process.

What to do When Canon Printer is not Working Properly?

Are you getting errors like a canon printer won’t even print at all? Some error notifications are popping up randomly. Is your canon printer not performing well after the connection? No need to fret at all. This can be because of the outdated/corrupt printer driver. Therefore, to fix the issue, you need to update the driver. You can do it manually or automatically. Driver Easy is a perfect way to go for an automatic driver update.

Driver Easy – Driver easy software automatically recognizes your system and finds the correct drivers. By having this by your side, you don’t need to know what system your computer is running; you can avoid the wrong driver downloading and installation risk. And also, you’re free to make a mistake on installing. This software can handle everything efficiently. Driver Easy is available in 2 versions – The free and the Pro.

First, download and then install Driver Easy.

After installation Run Driver Easy and click on the Scan Now button. This software will then scan your computer and detect problem drivers, if there are any.

Finally, click Update All. This will download and update the correct version of all missing or outdated drivers.

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Finally, check if printing is up and running.

In Conclusion

I hope you have learned how to set up canon printer wirelessly. Implement them and get all set to use your printer for the purpose. Moreover, you can review the frequently asked questions below if you have any concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Setup Canon Printer to Laptop?

First, ensure your printer is compatible. You can see it on the windows compatibility page. The printer must be connected to the wireless network. Once you are confirmed, go through these steps.

Go to Device and Printers under the Control Panel and select “Add a printer.”

Once you choose a printer, click Next, and the printer will install. Finally, click Finish.

How to Setup a Canon Printer for the First Time?

Connecting a Canon printer is more straightforward than you think. Here are the steps you can follow.

Go to settings and then Device settings on your printer. Now, select Default settings or setup without cable. Remember to go to wireless LAN settings at the end.

Then enter your WiFi network password.

At last, press Ok.

Why is My Canon Printer Failing to Connect Wirelessly?

There can be a chance that your printer is turned off. So, first, go ahead and make sure the printer is turned on. Also, check whether the WiFi lamp is lit on the printer’s front side. If not, activate it, as it will activate the wireless LAN. First, press and hold the RESUME/CANCEL button. And then release the button when the POWER lamp flashes white ten times.

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