How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100? [Complete Process]

How To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100? [Complete Process]

Sometimes, you are stuck due to the Canon printer error code 5100. Don’t worry; if you are looking for simple troubleshooting steps that solve your problem, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will give you the complete step by steps process to easily solve the error code.

Canon printer is one of the most demanding and innovative devices. It comes with various new technologies that make it different from many other printing devices. The printing quality of this printer is clear, and also the color looks wonderful. But sometimes, users are stuck with an error code. In the next section, you will get the causes and methods to solve the error code 5100.

So, without wasting time, let’s come to the next section on the causes behind the error code.

Causes Behind the Canon Printer Error Code 5100

There are various types of reasons because of why your printer is stuck with the error code 5100. You have to carefully go through all the causes mentioned in this section one by one and then jump to the methods section. So, let’s start discussing its causes:

If you do not frequently clean the interior part of the device.

If you do not properly clean the debris and dirt from the outer parts of the printer.

When you do not clean the print head of the device properly.

Maybe the ink cartridge of the device is not genuine.

If you do not use the proper thickness and size of paper.

Maybe the ink cartridge is not properly installed.

If any paper piece is stuck into the device.

Methods to Solve the Canon Printer Error Code 5100

After getting knowledge about the causes behind Canon printer error code 5100, you must get some clue about what you have to do now. Given below are the methods that you have to follow one by one to solve the problem.

Method #1: Reset the Canon Printer

First and foremost, switch off the Canon printer.

Now, take out the power cable from both ends of the main source and printer.

And wait for some seconds.

Next, add the cable to your printer and also to the main source.

Now, switch on your device and press and hold the resume key at the same time.

Finally, let’s free the resume button when the printer’s light starts blinking.

Method #2: Reset the Ink Cartridge of Your Canon Printer

If you have a problem with your printer’s ink cartridge, follow all the steps given in this method. Here are the steps:

Disconnect your printer from the power source.

And also, disconnect all the wires and USB cables from the printer.

Open the cartridge door of the printer.

And then, hit the power button of the device.

Finally, connect the USB and power cables to the device and its main source.

Method #3: Remove Dust from the Insides of your Canon Printer

You need to follow the solutions given below to remove the dust from inside the printer. Here are the steps:

First and foremost, you have to switch off your Canon printer device.

Now, take a clean and soft cloth and also make sure that the cloth you use is a little damp.

Start rubbing the cloth top outside the Canon printer properly to clean it.

And then, get a clean, lint-free cloth along with the rubbing alcohol.

Now, clean the dirt from the inside of the printer device by using the lint-free smooth clean and then rubbing it from alcohol.

Also, make sure that not you move any hardware.

Method #4: Remove Jammed Pieces of Paper from Canon Printer

If your printer device is stuck with small pieces of paper, then you must follow all the steps given below in this method. Here are the steps:

First of all, you have to turn off the printer and remove the wires.

Now, take out the paper cover of the printer.

Carefully check that there is not any sheet stuck under the printer.

Also, check any piece is not jammed under the printer tray.

Now carefully move the cartridge holder to move out the piece of paper.

Once the piece of paper is removed, close the printer device’s cover.

Now, reload the new sheets on the paper tray.

Now, check whether the printer is working properly or not.

Method #5: Adjust Ink Cartridge Properly

You have to follow all the given below steps one by one to solve this problem:

First, you must open the printer’s ink cartridge panel.

And then move out the color packages from the printer.

And then, you have to install the color packages into the printer one by one.

Check whether the package is tightly installed or not.

Finally, try to print out something to check whether the error code is resolved or not.

Method #6: Try Resetting Ink Absorber of Your Canon Printer

If you have a problem with your ink absorber, don’t worry. Below are the steps you must go through one by one to solve the problem. Here are the steps:

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is switch off your printer device.

And then, remove the power cable and wires from the Canon printer.

Next, turn on the device and hit the printer’s Power button.

Press and hold the power button and add the power cable again to the device.

And then free the power button.

Now, wait a minimum of 5 minutes.

Finally, hit the power button one more time to easily complete the resetting procedure of the ink absorber.

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