7 Most Useful Music Player Apps For Android Users

7 Most Useful Music Player Apps For Android Users

Who does not like to listen to music on their smartphones? Listening to music is a part of the daily ritual for many people. Some like to music while commuting to work, taking a walk, doing chores, studying, etc.

Additionally, many people like to listen to music online in the age of streaming platforms. However, a significant number of people also use offline music players. So, if you belong to those people who have some of the best Music Player Apps can make your music listening experience more enriching.

1. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro is among the not-so-popular but best Music Player Apps. It is so easy to use, and the interface is also very impressive. Additionally, you can download and install a variety of skins if you want to customize the app. Plus, it is full of various exciting features. So, you can use the app as a video player.

Plus, this has one exciting feature, which changes the songs when you shake the phone. Besides that, the app supports HI-FI music that gives audio quality up to 32-bit 382 KHz. So, you can use it for free during the trial period, but you have to pay $4.99 when the trial ends.

2. Musicolet

The Musicolet is a free, small Music Player Apps for Android. This app has many compelling features, such as offline listening, small APK size, lightweight user interface (UI), etc. Additionally, the app emphasizes on nothing but helpful stuff. So, you get many other features like tag editor, equalizer, folder browsing, widget, and many more. Besides that, in this app, you get multiple queue options that you rarely see in the Music Player Apps. You do not get to see any ads while using this app as there is no need for the internet.

3. BlackPlayer Ex

BlackPlayer Ex is one of the best and simplest Music Player Apps. The characteristics of this app include its minimalistic yet elegant design. Additionally, this app also gives complete audio control by providing you with custom EQ presets. Plus, here you get 11 color options to choose a color. Besides that, this app offers widgets, themes, an ID3 tag editor, etc.

Furthermore, BlackPlayer Ex offers a fantastic music listening experience with no ads. You can use this app for both free and paid services. The free version is fine, but you get many more features if you use the paid version. So, you can get access to every feature this app has to offer for just 3.59 USD.


AIMP is another great Music Player App for audiophiles. The AIMP app works fine with various types of audio and video files. So, you can use this app for files such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, and several others. Plus, its straightforward navigation menu helps you to switch between apps screen and playlists without any inconvenience in your music listening.

Furthermore, this app has a lot of themes and customization options, which helps us create the look of the app as per our choice. Above all, the best part of this app is you get all these impressive features for free.

5. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey belongs to those Music Player Apps that believe in the dark theme mode. The UI of this app is straightforward and classy. Additionally, MediaMonkey offers various organizational features for podcasts and audiobooks. Besides that, this app also allows you to keep the songs in order, not only based on the artist but also the composer.

Moreover, syncing your music library from phone to computer over WIFI is an exclusive feature of this app. This app is free, but if you want the paid version, you only have to spend only 2.49 USD.

6. Oto Players

Oto Players is also one of those Music Player Apps that are not as popular as it should be. The app has many things to offer, from a minimalist aesthetic design to easy-to-use navigation. The app provides you a variety of widgets such as tag editing, gapless playback, themes (Light and dark), and, most useful, synched lyrics.

The developer of this app provides all the features available in this for almost free. However, donation options are available if you want to support the developers. So, Oto Player is a suitable option for anyone looking for an authentic free music player.

7. Plexamp

Plexamp is one of the best Music Player Apps for Androids. This app allows you to listen to songs stored on your mobile phone and for streaming. The app has a simple and eye-appealing user interface (UI). Furthermore, the Plexamp allows you to create a server at your home and stream music.

Apart from that, this app has various other excellent features like loudness leveling, a preamp, true gapless playback, and others. The app is not free, so you have to pay USD 4.99 monthly to use it. However, it is still more affordable than other paid services streaming apps.


Above, you read detailed information about the 7 best Music Player Apps for offline music listening. So, now you can download and install any of these which seem perfect for you.

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