McAfee Internet Security antivirus is a security application that helps secure your Windows operating system as well as the Mac operating system. It protects the device from threats like; Viruses, ransomware, malware, and other threats. If you installed the antivirus McAfee Security to your Windows 10 and 11 or on Mac operating system and perhaps it came preinstalled on your devices, do not worry because you can still uninstall McAfee Internet Security antivirus. You may have during the free trial of the McAfee antivirus, and now you need to remove it from your device after the end of the free trial.

Just keep in your mind that if you do uninstall McAfee applications, ensure your Windows or Mac Security and Microsoft Defender are enabled or install another antivirus application to maintain your device system safe. However, you are probably here to easily uninstall McAfee Internet Security antivirus that you do not want to use furthermore. You just have to follow all the given methods or steps to uninstall McAfee Internet Security software from your computer system.

How To Uninstall McAfee Internet Security Antivirus On Your Windows Computer

Firstly, in the Start menu, choose the Control Panel.

And then press Programs and Features.

After that, right-press the Antivirus McAfee Internet Security and choose Uninstall/Change.

Now, choose the checkboxes next to Antivirus McAfee Internet Security and remove all files for this program.

And then press Remove to uninstall McAfee.

At last, press Restart now to restart your device.

How To Uninstall McAfee Internet Security Antivirus From Windows 10

Firstly, right-press on the Windows 10 Start menu icon > press on apps and features.

Now, type the McAfee in the box and search it from the given list.

And then, you will now get two choices for McAfee: these should be antivirus McAfee Internet Security.

After that, press on the McAfee Internet Security antivirus > Press uninstall > then go through the uninstall window.

And then, press on antivirus McAfee Internet Security > Press uninstall > and then follow the uninstall McAfee.

How To Uninstall McAfee Internet Security Antivirus From Windows 11

To start, click the Windows Key + I on your keyboard. And then go to Apps in the sidebar. You will need to look for the Apps & features in the center of your display and press that next.

Move through the list, and search for Antivirus McAfee Internet Security products. Press the downwards facing dots and select uninstall McAfee. You will then have to follow any prompts on your display and then reboot your PC.

How To Uninstall McAfee Internet Security Antivirus On Your Mac Device

Close your web browser at the time of removal to make sure that the McAfee browser plug-in is removed appropriately.

Firstly, in the Dock, search and open the Applications folder.

And then double press the McAfee Internet Security Antivirus Uninstaller.

After that, press the Continue.

Now, enter your administrator password and press OK.

In the end, press the Finish button to uninstall McAfee.

How To Uninstall McAfee Internet Security Antivirus By Using Settings

Go to the settings menu by either pressing the Start button in the bottom left-hand corner and then the cog icon or finding Settings using the Windows search box and pressing on the relevant result.

And then, move to the Apps menu and open the search box to search for McAfee to find everything related to the McAfee Internet Security antivirus on your system.

Now, choose the McAfee app or product you need to uninstall and press the uninstall McAfee button. When it appears, confirm your option by pressing Uninstall again.

After that, windows will ask you permission to continue, as uninstalling a program is an administrative function. When you confirm, you will follow the McAfee antivirus uninstaller. Each version is a little bit different, but go through the removal instructions, and it will automatically uninstall McAfee product from your PC. You can also enter Add & Remove Programs into the search bar and easily uninstall them directly from the Settings menu.

How To Uninstall McAfee Internet Security Antivirus By Using Removal Tool

If the Windows app menu does not do the work for you, and there are still a few McAfee antivirus software factors kicking around your device, you can utilize the MCPR.

Note: At the end of this tool’s process, it might easily request a reboot, so it is crucial to saving all your projects before starting.

Firstly, download the latest version of MCPR from the McAfee Internet security website.

And then run the tool. It does not need an installation.

After that, accept the license agreement and input the CAPTCHA pin as requested, pressing Next as necessary.

And then wait for the uninstalling operation to work. Once it is completed, if you would like additional information about the operation, press View Logs.

In the end, if it asks to reboot your device, ensure to save everything you require, and then you have to restart as you usually would.

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