Computer protection used to be easy ages ago. You had to buy security antivirus software packaged in a box in a retail store, bring it to your home, and install it on the household’s single PC. That experience looks so eccentric in the modern age when many household members have different devices, be they Windows, Mac, or smartphones. McAfee Antivirus Plus is produced for multi-device households. With a single subscription, you can install the security on every PC, tablet, or phone belonging to every household member.

Features Of McAfee Antivirus Plus

Antivirus Protection

McAfee Antivirus Plus product scans for known malware and uses cloud computing and device learning to spot brand new viruses and other dangerous items. It scans various types of viruses and malware on the go and removes all the malicious files on your system. To keep McAfee Antivirus Plus software on your device database, the malware scanner on your device will send new potential threats or viruses to McAfee servers.


McAfee Antivirus Plus detection rates are normally a half-sleep behind those of rival brands Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Norton, although they have been improving recently. In tests organized by the independent German lab AV-Test in May and June 2020. McAfee Antivirus Plus scanner encountered all known, or “widespread,” virus samples thrown at it but found only 98.8% of the new “zero-days” samples in May.

Protecting Your System

When you press the PC panel on the home page, McAfee utilizes a panel at the upper of the resulting page to show you its current PC – protection activities. It might report the number of threats it removed or blocked or the number of risky connections deleted, each with a button to view full details.

Real-Time Antivirus Security

The primary function of the McAfee Antivirus Plus is its security software that simply finds viruses, ransomware, malware, and many other kinds of undesirable things as soon as it comes on your device. This antivirus keeps a malware defense database that is consistently updated; that is why your PC is secured from the new attacks. If your PC does get affected or infected, McAfee Antivirus Plus has a tool that you can utilize to delete the undesired software and restore your device to its previous level.

Apps And Interface

To start with, you will have an enable code, and you start at the McAfee Antivirus Plus, where you create an account and then utilize the code to redeem to your subscription plan. It is an easy and simple portal where you can command your activities and share links to systems so they can easily install McAfee on their systems. The interface of the McAfee Antivirus Plus product is simple, and you love to use this security antivirus product.

App Lock and Guest Mode

Like Norton and Bitdefender, McAfee features an App Lock function that locks your most essential apps behind a PIN. A sneak thief who steals your locked smartphone still would not be able to read your location or email orders on Amazon, given you have locked them up with App Lock. The smartphone serves as a pacifier for crying kids for some modern parents.



Robust firewall

Security for all your macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices

Virus or malware protection pledge

Amazing scores in our hands-on tests

The new interface focuses on the user


One lab test failure

A few features not working at present

Mac edition is less feature-rich than Android or Windows

Very slow full scan on macOS and Windows

Even some features for iOS


How much does the McAfee Antivirus Plus software cost?

The McAfee Antivirus Plus level has identical features for Individual, Family, and Total Protection and comes at the price of $39.99 for five devices for a year. The Premium subscription plan adds parental commands and is available for the Family and McAfee Total Protection plans for ten devices for $49.99 per year for the first year.

What is the difference between McAfee Antivirus Plus and McAfee Antivirus software?

McAfee Total Protection gives you complete web security to the users. It not only finds malware and other online viruses but also serves as an advanced protection tool. McAfee Antivirus Plus product is a basic security program that finds malware and gives a safe and secure browsing experience.

Is the McAfee antivirus plus software free?

See PC requirements for further information. Free Trial Terms: At the end of the trial period, you will have to pay $39.99 for the first term. And after the first term, you will automatically get notified of your renewal at the renewal price (currently $109.99/yr.). McAfee will charge you 7-days before renewal.

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