Chrome OS Flex is a cloud-first operating system that runs on Windows PC or Mac. This version of Chrome OS is recently introduced by Google that has easy access to almost every computer. According to the company, Chrome OS Flex is an environmentally friendly way to recycle devices that are old enough to run Windows or macOS.

The Chrome OS Flex does not mimic Chrome OS completely. There are also differences between this and CloudReady, which Neverware created. Let’s go to the history back, while we use software from CloudReady to run Chrome OS on any computer via a virtual machine. That time, it might seem pretty cool. Now, it doesn’t make any sense.

At the same time, it isn’t impractical. It can be used in organizations (Businesses and schools) with many outdated laptops, and they don’t want to spend to replace them. That’s when Google came into the picture. Finally, in 2020 Google-owned Neverware, the company behind CloudReady. Then, Google announced a fresh product known as Chrome OS Flex which originated from the CloudReady platform.

But the question is, who will want to spend money buying Windows or Mac to run Flex on it? Not, but changing an old laptop into a worthy machine sounds good.

How does Chrome OS Flex differ from regular Chrome OS?

There are many differences between Flex and a regular Chrome OS. The first thing is that Chrome OS Flex doesn’t include native support for Android apps. It will be possible in the future to mirror your Pixel’s phone screen to access the Android app like on regular Chrome OS. you can use Phone Hub to its full extent. Opposed to CloudReady, Chrome OS Flex can run Google Assistant.

Another difference is that Flex lacks some security-focused hardware particularly optimized to work best with Chrome are missing. However, the users will observe one thing Chrome OS Flex doesn’t have access to Google Play.

Why should you buy Chrome OS Flex?

Chrome OS Flex is the smart way to convert old computers and Mac to give them a new life.

Many organizations, including businesses and schools, can use it. The traditional operating systems like Windows and macOS support all native applications and are more powerful than Flex; they tax high on hardware. They might not be able to run potentially after your PC or laptop has reached a certain age. Chrome OS Flex is an honored browser that runs web apps; it does not need more resources.

We use web apps more often on the computer, even when at home. We need a browser while gaming, coding, and doing creative tasks such as photography and videography. Even the image editing, mailing, and shopping are done through a web browser. Also, plenty of web services offers you an easy installation that lets you pin down the browser to your taskbar and launch them when the native application is used.

The technically inclined people might argue that a lightweight Linux distribution can be a satisfactory solution if you know how to troubleshoot. But if you want a less hectic and easy solution with no maintenance, Chrome OS Flex is the right choice.

Also, it is the best way to help your friends with computers if they don’t know much about computers and need web browsing only.

If you aren’t convinced with Chrome OS Flex, let’s give you a more practical solution. You need to create a bootable USB drive according to the instructions and test the OS from here. You can directly try it on your computer right away.

The Chrome OS Flex might not appear as fast as once you have installed it on your system. Though, it is sufficient to test. However, Chrome OS Flex does not support dual-booting, so you have to do it once when you decide you install Chrome OS Flex.


Is Chrome OS Flex Android?

Chrome OS Flex doesn’t support Android applications.

Is Chrome OS Flex free?

Yes, Chrome OS Flex is free and a better tool for renewing old devices. Just give it a try to see what cloud-first OS is offering.

What can you install on Chrome OS Flex?

You can install Google calendar, Docs, Drive, Sheets, and Slides. And in files, you can download Google Maps, Calculator, Web Store, and Chrome Canvas.

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