If you need to know How to Cancel McAfee Renewal, then this blog has detailed information about that. You have to give some time of yours and know all the ways to cancel McAfee renewal. McAfee, A best world-class brand, provides tremendous antivirus applications. It is one of the oldest antiviruses applications available in the market. But once this is crystal clear every now, then you need to sign up for a subscription. And there are maximum chances that your subscription will renew automatically.

If you are of those users who prefer to command renewals manually. Then there is the option that you have to disable the Auto-renewal will be a better option for you. In this blog, we will see How to Cancel McAfee Renewal. McAfee antivirus application and its security products like internet protection, internet security, antivirus, etc., come with computerized renewal acceptance. But many McAfee users discover auto-renewal frustrating, irritating, and inappropriate. That’s why taking the necessary steps to stop such type of hassle will be the best decision.

Easy Ways to Cancel McAfee Renewal

This segment of the blog will find a few simple ways to cancel McAfee renewal. These are tested & tried ways to complete this task. But you have to make sure to follow the steps in the same manner as provided in this blog which is given below:

Cancel McAfee Renewal Through Company Website

If you’re finding How to Cancel McAfee Renewal or any other type of service. Then for that, you will require to visit the Company’s official website and cancel the renewal. Given below the necessary steps to follow to complete this task:

Step 1: Click on the Web Browser.

Step 2: Go to the Official McAfee Antivirus Website.

Step 3: Go to the My Account that is given to the top right-hand side of the computer screen.

Step 4: Sign in to the account using your sign-in details (username and password).

Step 6: And then Click on the Auto-Renewal Setting option.

Step 7: Select the option to turn OFF the Auto-Renewal.

So, by this way, you can Turn OFF the McAfee Renewal service through the official website. For your support, we have listed one more way be which you can follow to cancel the McAfee renewal service.

Cancel McAfee Renewal Through Phone Call

Yes, you see the right words. How to Cancel McAfee Renewal through a phone call? It is very easy, and you just have to do it simply by calling them to solve your issues. You can very simply and fastly cancel your McAfee renewal services by contacting the customer support of the McAfee team. All you have to do is just call on the given number that is on the McAfee official website. And ask them How to cancel your or turn off the subscription. Given below the steps you have to follow at the time of contacting them:

Step 1: Take your mobile phone and dial

Step 2: Call the McAfee Customer Support Spokesperson.

Step 3: Inform them to cancel your McAfee subscription.

Step 4: Once it has been done, ask them for a confirmation email or message.

Cancel McAfee Renewal By Using Its Dashboard

One of the easiest ways to cancel McAfee renewal services is by using the dashboard. We are provided the necessary information to cancel your McAfee subscription very easily. You have to follow the steps exactly mentioned in this blog that is given below:

Step 1: Go to the McAfee dashboard and click on the My Info page from the dashboard.

Step 2: Jump to the subscription option.

Step 3: Give your log-in details on the McAfee Account Page. (McAfee user name and password)

Step 4: And then Open My account window > Click the Auto-Renewal settings option.

Step 5: Once it has been done, all you have to do that is Switch off the Auto-Renewal option.

Step 6: Select the turn-off of the auto-renewal pop-up.

Step 7: Your auto-renewal service switch will be turned off, and you will receive the same information on your registered email id as well.

So mentioned upper is the simple and easy ways to Cancel McAfee Renewal. We expect that this blog can rescue, and the methods or steps which are provided in this blog are very helpful to you. Try out these simple methods and steps to Cancel your McAfee Renewal services. Given all these steps and methods are tested and tried. These all methods are registered in a very appropriate manner.

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