Tips to Resolve Snapchat Not Working Issue

Tips to Resolve Snapchat Not Working Issue

Most Snapchat users around the world are facing problems while sending and receiving Snaps around 12:30 AM ET. DownDetector found the issues related to Snapchat and further blamed them on its services, as mentioned above. Is Snapchat working for you? If it’s not working for you, here are some tips you can apply to fix it. The ways and guidance to solve the Snapchat-related problems may vary if you use a Pixel 4a that runs on Android 11 and Snapchat Android app version

Follow this simple guide to fix any problem related to Snapchat issues.

How to check that Snapchat is not working for you

You can use some super tools to check whether Snapchat is down for you or everyone. DownDetector is a reliable website that can fit all kinds of services and for all places. To do so, you can go to the Downdetector Snapchat page to find whether it is down or not. Further, you can Live Outage Map to check the Snapchat down for a particular area.

You can also use the official Snapchat Twitter support account to update you with any Snapchat outages and how long they will take to recover.

The simple ways to the Snapchat issues

When you find that Snapchat is not working correctly, you can follow the below-mentioned simple steps to fix these issues.

Restart your phone

Restarting the phone may solve many unknown tech problems, and the same logic applies to Snapchat as well. When you follow this trick, you may resolve Snapchat not working instantly. However, if it doesn’t work, you should move to applying other tricks. Not only for Snapchat issues, but this trick also works for most tech problems on your device.

Reinstall Snapchat app

First, you uninstall your Snapchat app from your device and then install it again from Google Play Store. This trick can also bring your Snapchat to normal functioning. Before you uninstall the app, you can consider closing or logging out of the Snapchat app. Most probably, this trick resyncs your local Snaps with the server and fix the issue.

Check Internet Connection

Some users are also facing problems in sending and receiving Snaps, or while loading Snapchat, there might be internet issues. You can check it by opening other internet-based apps on your device. If nothing else works for you, it may have some internet issues. You can try the internet connection using both mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Sometimes Snapchat stops working if it detects a VPN or any third-party apps on your device. So, it starts working if you consider disabling VPNs or any third-party app on your mobile while you are on the Snapchat app.

Check for the Snapchat app update.

You may face problems with the Snapchat app if you are using an old version. Your Snapchat may stop working/responding if there is a significant app update. To check for an update, go to the Google Play store and check if any update is available or not. If you find it there, download it, and most probably, the update can resolve the issue.