Best Online Stores/Websites to Buy Refurbished Phones 2021

Best Online Stores/Websites to Buy Refurbished Phones 2021

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Best Online Stores/Websites to Buy Refurbished Phones 2021

Well, most of us have come across the term ‘refurbished’. What does it mean when you explore phones online? You probably have come across this term when you navigate through various mobile phones. Well, a refurbished phone is part of your discount category; as we know, most of us want phones or any item at discounted prices but have you bought a refurbished phone to get it at discounted prices? We try different ways to get things at discounts; we wait for occasional sales, pay in retail, and buy refurbished phones.

If you don’t know exactly what type of phones these are, then keep reading this post as we are discussing these phones in detail.

Refurbished phones 2021

A refurbished phone is a phone that was sold as new, but it returned to the manufacturer for any reason but now is ready again to be sold in the market. Different terms are given to these phones, such as ‘reconditioned,’ pre-owned, or recertified; there might be some defect or drawback that the manufacturer fixes and resells at discounted prices as the phone is not new in the box. You get these phones at discounted prices; however, finding the best-refurbished phone is pretty challenging.

Things to keep in mind while shopping for refurbished phones

Refurbished phones are reconditioned or recertified, and why they came into a refurbished category is unknown to us. Therefore, whenever you head to buy these phones, you should follow the given below tips.

Buy from a certified or authentic source

it would help if you shopped refurbished from a well-known certified source as they cover you with the guarantee for the refurbished phone. Also, there is no fear of being caught in any way. The certified or sources always try to list the good working condition phones.

Check for the accessories

Whenever you buy a refurbished phone, it is essential to check its accessories as these are second-hand phones, and therefore, there might be different/unmatched accessories. For example, check for the phone and the charger if they are of the same company and exact model. If the accessories are not matching or are defective, it might affect your phone later.

Check warranty offered

Check whether the phone you are buying provides a warranty or not. To get the warranty, you should buy refurbished phones from certified sellers.

Check out the return policy, if any.

Please buy a refurbished phone that has a product return period or refund policy. So, don’t forget to read the return policy.

The best places to buy refurbished or pre-owned phones

Please go through our list of the places from where you can buy a refurbished phone.


Amazon is the best place for buying or exploring refurbished phones. It has incredible refurbished phones with great deals and offers. Tap the brand you want to buy a refurbished phone for and research from many phones available there. You can get from the most affordable to costly mobile phones there.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a great online platform to shop from its wide variety of branded refurbished new phones. From Best Buy, you can get pre-owned and open-box phones; both are under the category of refurbished phones.

The advantage of buying from Best Buy is that you can pick a refurbished phone from your nearby local stores.

Generally, you get discounts of up to 30% at various brands as these are just open-box phones and not old ones.


It is another important place to buy new and old phones. It is a great place to purchase pre-owned phones as it has a small selection of pre-owned devices. Another great advantage of buying from Verizon is that it provides a 90-day warranty. That is what the buyers love, and they become confident over their purchase.


T-Mobile is a platform from where you get branded as well as warranted phones. Generally, it sells Samsung and LG phones with a 90-day warranty, same as Verizon; however, it follows an 80-point inspection procedure. Why wait? Navigate the site from the comfort of your home.


Gazelle is a popular place for reselling/buying your old phone/refurbished phones. You can buy here with confidence as it has a lengthy inspection procedure and provides a 30-day return policy. In addition, it also runs seasonal offers, and you can pick the most affordable device here.


Declutter lists the pre-owned or refurbished phones at excellent prices and deals. It is a fantastic place to buy refurbished phones as it offers a 12-month on every phone they sell. All devices go through a 70-point inspection before listing them. They list device conditions such as good, poor, and faulty; you can choose the state you want and then move ahead with your purchase. So, you get a clear idea about the device and what damages it has.