Video Creation And What It Can Do For You

Video Creation And What It Can Do For You
about 1 year ago

If you are a business owner and looking to engage with your target consumer audience, you will most definitely benefit from video creation.

If you are a business owner and looking to engage with your target consumer audience, you will most definitely benefit from video creation. How? Video creation is a visual medium that allows you to boost your sales and help you connect with your target consumer audience.

Videos make up the vast majority of all internet traffic. According to HubSpot, the video medium has surpassed blogging as an asset for effective business marketing. Visual content is also exceptionally effective at helping consumers retain information. The same advertisement delivered verbally will only be mentally retained at a low rate of ten percent just three days after hearing the content. However, information (ahem ... your business name') paired with a relevant image will be retained by the viewing consumer sixty-five percent of the time three days later.

That means if you effectively pair an image or a video with a topic a consumer is interested in THEY WILL REMEMBER YOU.

If a consumer remembers you, they are far more likely to then take the next all-important action of purchasing your product or service. Video creation helps you to effectively increase your brand awareness. With increased brand awareness, consumers are far more likely to buy your product. Harness Consulting says that after viewing a video a whopping sixty-four percent of viewers are motivated to purchase your product online. For this reason, a growing number of marketers recognize and prioritize video marketing as a permanent and crucial piece of their business marketing strategy.

What does "video creation" mean, exactly? Excellent question. There are three main types of videos, Awareness, Engagement, and Educational.

Awareness videos do exactly what they sound like. They insert your product into the customer's awareness. These can be highly entertaining and appeal to a broad audience. Engagement videos invite and encourage viewers to react and participate in your advertising campaign whether that is through a Like, sharing the video with friends, or leaving a comment. Engagement videos typically produce strong emotions in the audience. They rely on pathos and persuade consumers utilizing emotional reactions. Educational videos provide a learning experience for your audience. How-To videos are a good example of the educational variety. You can contact a video production agency in Delhi for video production.

Once you have identified the type of video best suited to your business' marketing strategy, you will need to produce the video. You can find a number of best production houses in Delhi.

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As a business owner, there is no better time than the present to start creating videos for your business. The New York Times said we are entering an era where texting is a thing of the past. Don't let your business get left behind.

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