Feng Shui Belongs in the Bedroom

Feng Shui Belongs in the Bedroom

We've all heard of Feng Shui and we know its important to promote peace and happiness in our bedrooms, but where do we begin.

We've all heard of Feng Shui and we know its important to promote peace and happiness in our bedrooms, but where do we begin if we don't know anything about feng shui?

First, start with your energy foundation. Your energy foundation is what you will build all of the other Feng Shui goodness upon. Just like a house, if your foundation is shoddy, your structure will be, too. So begin at the beginning. Make sure you have plenty of fresh, clean air and natural light coming into your room. Clean up all the cluttered spaces in your bedroom, even under the bed (yes, it matters). Clutter distracts the eye and makes us anxious Since anxiety is the exact opposite of what we want in our most intimate room, clutter has to go.

The bedroom is for rejuvenation. That means the television and other electronics have to go, too. You don't have to kick them out of the house entirely, but they shouldn't be in your bedroom, and definitely not next to your bed. These gadgets create high EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that can affect you deeply without you even knowing. EM Fs can sap your energy and even damage your sexual health. Do yourself a favor, keep your bedroom EMF free and binge watch Netflix in the living room.

Now that you have a strong foundation in place, its time to decide the best position for your bed. We spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, so this crucial piece of furniture should be in a commanding position. What that means is you should place your bed in the best spot in the room to help you deal with anything that comes into your life. The bed should be accessible from both sides with no mirrors or sharp edges facing you while you sleep. You should have a small end table on either side of the bed and energy should flow naturally through the room. Beautiful and comfortable bedding is a must, and don't forget your lighting. Replace harsh overhead lights with low lighting. Candlelight and dimmer switches also help keep the energy soft and foster a peaceful environment.

Once the bed is positioned, take a look around. Do you like the colors in your room? Feng Shui has color guidelines to help there, too. Earth tones are suggested as the best colors for a bedroom. That affords you a wide array of options from a light sandy color to a comforting chocolate brown. Add in pops of Feng Shui romance by including firey colors like red, pink, and magenta. Artwork and decorations need not be too stuffy. Be sure to only keep those items that bring you joy. You can also buy feng shui products for your bedroom which is very useful for your home.

Let your bedroom reflect the love you have for yourself. The bedroom is a space where you can be exactly who you were meant to be without needing to impress or take care of others. We spend a great deal of our energy and time taking care of needs other than our own. Your bedroom should be a retreat from the noise of the world. Let Feng Shui consultant in Lucknow help you to maintain your bedroom.