What are some examples of local food?

What are some examples of local food?
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They are also quite active in the local food culture in Lancaster and regularly post on Facebook.

I wrote about a restaurant named John J. Jeffries a while back. It is located in Lancaster, PA and specializes in great local organic fresh food.

They are also quite active in the local food culture in Lancaster and regularly post on Facebook. Several months ago, they posted about a local organic food cooperative named Everyday Local Food (aka Lancaster Organics).

Lancaster Organics Lancaster is a cool community with an eclectic mix of arts, college-town, Amish farmers, a large latino community, excellent restaurants, and city-life. I wish it was closer but the drive to experience its charms is worth it.

Everyday Local Food offers weekly seasonal food "bundles." As is usually the case with me, it took me quite a while to actually respond to the weekly blog post about that week's bundle.

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Lancaster is about 55 minutes away and I had to weigh the cost in time and gas against what I might get in return. I decided to take the plunge, ordered two bundles, some cheeses, and some fermented carrots and kimchi, and rode up to Lancaster on our first really cold evening to pick them up. The pickup is at a lovely old home in Lancaster city.

I knew I had the right house when I saw multiple bags with green leaves peaking out the tops on the porch. I paid for my loot without checking out the bags. It was getting dark by that time and I wanted to get home to feed ponies, dog, cats, and get the chickens locked up tight in the henhouse for the night.

What a lovely surprise when I finally got home to see what was in the bag: a bright green head of broccoli, a creamy white head of cauliflower, 5 beets with those aforementioned peaking greens attached, a container of greenhouse-raised grape tomatoes, and a large bag of arugula so fresh the stems cracked when you bent them. Everything was crispy fresh and organic.

By the time critter feeding was done, I was starving. I beat four of my chickens' eggs, cut up some cheddar cheese and opened the chevre cheese container, cut up a few of the tomatoes, grabbed and rinsed a bit of arugula, dabbed some butter into the pan, and voila! A frittata was born.

This picture is pre-broiler - just enough to warm the goat cheese. The arugula gave off a lovely scent as it steamed just a tad. The first bite was a bite of freshness - spicy arugula, the sweetest tomato burst I have ever tasted in December, fresh eggs, creamy cheese, sharp cheddar.

Gawd! It's making me hungry just thinking about it again. Tonight, I am roasting a pork roast (from the happy pig), along with the beets, and then stir-frying the beet greens with a little garlic. I think I am going to like these bundles :) I have a feeling I will be buying several bundles at a time for friends - good, they can give me some gas money!

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