Exciting Advances in Medical Records

Exciting Advances in Medical Records
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New data storage systems are being developed that will revolutionize the way the medical industry treats patients and shares information.

New data storage systems are being developed that will revolutionize the way the medical industry treats patients and shares information. This will have a great impact in the way things are done when you go to the doctor.

Instead of having to go through filling out a number of different forms and questionnaires, your doctors office will be able to log into a simple system and obtain everything they need to know about you and your medical history.

Imagine being able to walk right in the doctor's office and be seen by a new doctor who already knows everything about your medical history, down to the time you had chickenpox when you were five.

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Much of the time when we go to the doctor and must wait for hours after our scheduled appointment time it is because there is so much paper work involved with each patient visit.

This means that the workers must scramble to be sure that everything is correctly entered in order to avoid mistakes. A fully integrated and electronic method of storing and sharing medical records and images will eliminate a lot of the waiting. This is very exciting and not only for the medical community but also for the public.

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