7 things that most people who do Adsense like to misunderstand each other

7 things that most people who do Adsense like to misunderstand each other
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Or have everyone stop spinning. Like friends forget ……. I'm the real rotten web mogul.

Let me clarify the article that I wrote a little earlier …… that is the writing of this article. Not intended to attack the makers of the spinning web.

Or have everyone stop spinning. Like friends forget ……. I'm the real rotten web mogul. Real voice. Experience of making a rotten website for more than 3 years. There are a lot of rotten websites.

If the number is revealed Some of your friends may be blinded.

But the main purpose of Article 6 in this article is to want friends. share investment Let's come out to make some quality websites. Those who are spinning, keep doing it as long as it works.

But I want to warn that Don't stick to making a website using only one approach …… If your friends do only cycling, I can assure you that the roller coaster situation will happen to your friends. Undoubtedly…… What works today cannot be guaranteed.


That tomorrow it will still work …… Also, the trend of spinning web, rotten web, it gets worse every day, people who make spinning web, rotten web since the early days, everyone knows that.

I'm one. That is not against the method of making websites for Adsense (MFA) and does not refuse to make websites. Quality model too......

Do it both. As long as it still has money.....

Sometimes it takes money from a rotten website and puts it on a quality website ….. sometimes it's vice versa. make money from quality websites Let's go and make a rotten website

By doing this, it should make friends' businesses. Grow faster, more stable than friends will make a web based on the guidelines Making a website in one way for sure!

Coins always have two sides, making an MFA website (rotten website) and a quality website have different pros and cons.


- Take time to do fast, get money fast

- High CTR, high return

- Make money in a moment, you will die

- Risk of getting banned, getting de-indexed

Quality Web

- Takes time to do it slowly. Requires patience

- Low CTR, low return

- Make money consistently, more stable

- Less risk

But as far as looking at publishers in Thailand (in fact, they're also abroad), I think people will prefer to make MFA websites more because they don't have the ability to create a good quality website.

It may be a matter of cost, team, content creation, etc. Wrong with MFA web, which can start doing with very low capital Plus you can see results quickly as well.

But everything is in accordance with the demand - supply principle. When publishers pump out too many MFA websites, Google has to issue a policy to get rid of these websites. In order to maintain the reputation of his company …… You can notice it.

In the beginning, when MFA spam sites started to emerge, Google did not have the policy to get rid of these sites at all. Well, of course, Google itself also earns money from these junk websites.

In fact, if Google thinks of controlling the creation of MFA websites as much as it is today, It can be done easily from the start. Just verify the website that will apply Adsense to every website only. One pub-id can only be used for one website and that's it.

But google instead chooses to verify the website that is used to apply for only one website, but can make a pub-id as many websites as you want, like this, it's done.

But the current situation is different. With the MFA website being produced in excess, Google has to take some action, like this latest one. Gradually close the Adsense account for the webmaster quality guild line, which is a charge that has never been used before.

During this time, I myself would like to give my friends Focus on making quality websites Only give more than before.

but not Abandoning the web design like MFA.

Do it as long as it can still make money.

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