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The most important thing for your skin is to wash your face in the correct procedure.

The most important thing for your skin is to wash your face in the correct procedure.

Wrong face washing is a factor that causes troubles and makes it impossible to maintain water retention.

Gently wash without force. Rinse cleanly and wash your face with an awareness of what is important. If you want to enhance the function of placenta, it is also important to think about when to drink.

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The best time is some time after the meal.

On the contrary, when you are full, the absorption rate is low, and even if you drink it, the original effect may not be fully exhibited.

After that, you may take it before going to sleep.

It is effective to drink before going to bed because the functions of the human body are healed while sleeping.

It can be said that dry skin can be improved by accumulating daily facial cleansing and then accurately trapping moisture. For those who make up 7 days a week, change from daily cleansing.

The important thing in cleansing is to remove makeup well and at the same time not to remove too much old dead skin cells and sebum that are not extra for the skin.

By using a lot of beauty ingredients and a beauty essence, you can improve the water retention capacity. For skin care, lotions and cosmetics that contain ingredients such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids are good.

It is also important to improve blood flow, so stretch, take a half-body bath, and even walk to improve blood circulation.

If you can't retain water, it's easy to cause troubles, so be careful.

So what kind of body care should we learn to improve water retention? Skin care that is effective in improving water retention is three points: improving blood flow, trying cosmetics made of ingredients with high skin-beautifying functions, and getting into the habit of washing your face properly. As you know, when winter comes, it gets cold and blood circulation gets worse.

If the blood circulation is not good, it will not be possible to deliver satisfactory nutrition to the cells of the body, and metabolism will be disturbed.

As a result, it causes a lot of trouble, so you have to be careful not to impair the blood flow anyway. If blood flow is improved, metabolism will be active and healthy and beautiful skin will be created.

If you want to deal with rough skin, try taking ceramide. Ceramide is an "intercellular lipid" that is sandwiched between cells in the old stratum corneum and contains water and oil. In the stratum corneum, keratinocytes are layered in multiple layers, and this ceramide connects the cells like glue.

It also acts as a barrier to maintain the health of the epidermis, causing rough skin below the required amount.

Even people who usually have difficulty drying their skin may become dry in winter, so it is advisable to use a lotion after washing your face or after taking a bath, and also apply a milky lotion. In winter, you will have more skin problems, so you should not neglect skin care.

The key to skin care during cold weather is to keep your skin moisturized and promote blood circulation. Moisturizing after washing your face is important to prevent and improve dry skin.

If this is neglected, the body will become more and more dry. Also, use cleansing and cosmetic products that have moisturizing power.

In addition to this, using a bath salt that has a moisturizing effect and not keeping the hot water at a high temperature also have a function for dry skin.

When it gets cold, the air dries, and the effects tend to deprive the body of moisture. Although it is deprived of moisture, it causes rough skin, stains, wrinkles, etc. when it dries, so it is necessary to take good care of it in winter.

Please pay more attention to moisturizing and water retention to prevent troubles that may occur on insufficiently moisturized skin.

The key to caring for your skin in winter is to protect your body from dryness.