Life hacking how to celebrate a birthday child

Life hacking how to celebrate a birthday child
about 1 year ago

Tips for having a fun holiday

DIY Photo Booth

There are many imaginative and creative things you can do for a children’s birthday party. Children enjoy having their photos taken so you can consider to make a sort of place to take photos of them. Create an interesting backdrop, add some props like stuffed toys, and a stool for them to sit on. If you like you can suggest parents snap photo of their own children or have a friend volunteer to do it. Just make a colorful backdrop, let the children choose the props they want to interact with, have them sit on the stool and do what comes naturally as they smile and act silly and snap great photos.

Preparing Individual Food Servings

Children always have a great deal of fun at parties. Laughing, playing, and running around with all the other children. It is often hard to get them to settle down and have something to eat. So the idea that is the best is to serve them food that is simple to eat but that children really enjoy. Think of purchasing small cardboard boxes and pack each one with a sandwich, a side snack or perhaps a small bag of chips or crackers or potato chip cookies, and a box of juice and give one to each of the party goers.

Perhaps you can do the fast food kind of idea. Prepare little burgers and wrap them, roll up some cardboard and put in some French fries, and add a cold drink. Children just love creative things like this instead of sitting down to meals at birthday parties.

When it comes to the birthday cake you can make a medium sized birthday cake for the decorative center piece with decorations as to the theme of the party. Then after the candles to be blown out and leave it as a centerpiece. For the guests have pieces of frosted sheet cake that has already been cut up to hand out on small plates.

If you are including ice cream a good idea is to make scoops ahead of time on cookie sheets and placed in the freezer Then once the pieces of cake are served you can just add a scoop of ice cream to each one.

Make Your Own Tattoos

Children just love getting temporary tattoos. For your children’s birthday party you can find your party theme online in clipart and get it printed on temporary tattoo paper which can be purchased online or in office supply stores. Then just follow the directions after printing to have the children enjoy their temporary tattoos.

Face Stamping

Another thing that has become very popular at children’s parties is face painting. If you would like to include it according to your party’s theme you can hire a professional to do it or you can ask your friends if anyone knows how to do this. However, if you cannot get anyone who knows about face painting you can do face stamping.

Face stamping is easy for DIY party creativity. There are foam stamps you can purchase in different shapes which are then dipped in paint and pressed on a child’s face and come out in a perfect design. At craft stores you can get stamp designs, face paint, or non-toxic, washable stamp pad ink. It is simple and easy and children just love having the designs on their faces.


The one thing children love the best are many colorful balloons. There are many different DIY balloon kit available that come with a helium tank so you can fill them up yourself. You can do many creative things with the balloons like if your party is indoors float them from the ceiling with strings attached so that the children can choose the balloon of their favorite color and take it home. Balloons can be used as decorations and centerpieces. If your party theme includes clowns you can ask a friend to dress up as a clown and go around handing balloons to the children. There are also many balloon party games that can be played so make sure you have plenty of colorful helium filled balloons on hand.

Digital Invitations

In this day and age you can avoid having to send out party invitations. Instead by using a service like e-vite you can send the party initiations digitally, If you wish you can make the children’s party as a Facebook event and through that invite your guests or you can send

text messages as invites. It all depends on what is better and easier for you or go the old-fashioned way and send written party invitations by post.

Party Food As Favors

Some of the easiest kind of party food to make are salads like delicious rotisserie chicken salad recipe. Along with desserts like cookies and cupcakes and once the party is over you might consider making up individual serving sizes wrapped in plastic or zip-loc bags to give to the guests as party food favors as they’re leaving. Just fill up the bags and label them with names of the guests who will enjoy having some delicious party food as a treat even at home. Don’t forget to include some sweet treat as well or an individual piece of the party cake.

Make Your Own Favors

Children always love getting party favors and one great way to get them is to have the children make them themselves. Set up a table for arts and crafts and provide them with all they’ll need. Then have them make up whatever they would like to create and then take it home as an awesome self-made party favor. The children will have fun and you won’t have to worry about what kind of party favors to buy. You can get ideas about the kinds of arts and crafts the children might enjoy according to the theme of your party.

Get Your Cake From a Box

You might consider involving the children in a cooking event. Perhaps to make the dessert and everyone can join in and bake cookies or chocolate zucchini muffins. Children love to make things themselves and they can bring home some of the treat as well. Find someone to supervise in the kitchen and have the children happily become bakers of delicious sweet treats.