Sex and food

Sex and food
about 1 year ago

human needs and their connection

Some scientists and philosophers argue that people’s life is aimed to satisfy three main needs or desires: food, sex and sleep, and all their actions, even intellectual activities are directed to promote higher quality of these three wishes. Almost no one is able to resist the temptation of having a nap, when possible, having sex with a person who looks attractive or eating delicious food. All these have always had a special connection; moreover, other activities, mood and state of health strongly depend on the indispensible factors that greatly influence the quality of life. According to person’s attitude to each of these needs one can identify his/her priorities in life, aims, wishes and predict the behavior in corresponding situations. For example, if a man takes care of his sleep and food, chances are he will perform at his best when having sex with him, as he is full of energy and health. I am hundred per cent sure, that women pay attention to men’s eating habits, sleep and even the manner of eating. Here, products and dishes, also the way of consuming food matter greatly. I will provide an example: everyone is aware of the fact that particular food affects man’s health and force and seafood and nuts are considered to boost them. So, a woman, watching a man whose regular is Shrimp Fajitas will be pleasantly surprised, anticipating an evening date. Shrimps are known to raise man’s potency which is one of the most important factors that women take into account when choosing a partner. In order for the body to synthesis more muscle, a man needs to increase his intake of protein rich foods. While protein can be obtained from multiple meats and other foods, shrimp is superior because it is relatively lean and also packs a nutritional punch for support. When topping it up with zinc and other testosterone friendly nutrients, a man has a powerful muscle building meal and his woman has confidence that she has met a responsible, handsome, strong and healthy man. Also women are inclined to pay attention on the manner of eating, as eating and making love are the two acts in which all our senses are engaged. Man’s approach to food says a lot about his approach to sex and in general to life: for example, for some people sex and food are just necessities to maintain life, devoid of joy, pleasure. If a man is a junk food lover and gulps hamburgers down on his way to a place of date, it is quite logical to assume that the same goes with sex – just a one-night-stand to satisfy a short-term need. A no-go decision for any woman, actually. Another case is eating Shrimp Soup in a semi-dark hall of a beautiful restaurant with eyes focused on a woman, may be with hands kept together. Deriving pleasure from food, sharing emotions, eating slowly, delight from each other – all these anticipate a fairy continuation of this marvelous evening. At last, first class performance is preparing food for a woman which is the most demonstratively tender of act. It is the way of expressing attraction, affection and love. It is not necessary to cook a complicated restaurant dish; putting your soul and care into self-prepared food is quite enough. It may be a Shrimp Burger, but each time spiced up in a different way. A man kills two birds with one short when cooking this dish: first of all it is an act of serving and care, then it is a pleasant activity where both are free to participate, it is a way to fight the hunger down without leaving the comfort of the place and the last, this is a source of vitamins, protein-packed food which a woman will appreciate.