Sisters relationship

 Sisters relationship
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Sisters secrets

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When it comes to sisters each sister usually knows what the other enjoys eating. There are times when one sister might be on a diet and the other not, but basically they agree on the food they like. This usually happens because having grown up together they learned about what kind of foods they liked or disliked together. So when it comes to cooking for your sister you will know right away what to make for her like waldorf chicken salad, chicken lasagna,and taco lasagna. She will come to your house for dinner and be pleasantly surprised that you have cooked her favorite foods. Enjoying favorite foods together sisters become closer again.

You Know That Stealing Each Other’s Clothes is Just a Cliché

Sisters are always interested in going through each other’s closets. Sisters don’t always agree on the clothes they like to wear but there is always that one special outfit that a sister buys that the other one just has to have. It usually happens when one sister has a date and suddenly realizes she has nothing to wear even though her closet is full her sister does have just the right dress in her closet. So being a sister is a great thing when it comes to clothes it can save you both a lot of money and stretch your clothing budget by caring and sharing when it comes to the clothes you wear.

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs, But Always Overprotective of One Another

Sisters cannot be loving all the time and most likely you fight with yours at certain times. This is only natural and soon after you find that you reach out to your sister again and say you're sorry. However, if someone else says something bad to your sister or has a fight with her you know that you’ll be there to stand up for her and she’ll be there for you if the situation is reversed. Sisters will always go the long mile to stand up for each other and make their sister’s fight also their fight. You both know that if one or the other of you get into a bad situation you’ll do whatever has to be done to help your sister get out of that situation. Like your sister coming to you with her hair colored all wrong and you did all you could do to fix her hair.

Sisters Speak in Movie Quotes

Usually, sisters like the same movies and often pick up quotes from different movies to use. In this way when speaking in movie quotes with your sister others around you won’t understand what you’re talking about and you have your own secret language. Then you can talk about the girl in school who acts or looks ridiculous or about a boy you might like or dislike and the two of you using your movie quote language can discuss these things so others won’t understand. For example, “you look so good with blonde hair and dark roots, it’s not even funny” from Romey and Michelle’s High School Reunion.

Sisters Look Like Twins or Look Nothing Alike At All

That is just the way it is in life that sisters resemble each other or do not look like sisters at all unless they are twins. One sister might be blond the other dark but that really does not matter because the most important thing is that they are sisters. It always depends on what is happening between sisters and sometimes one sister might change her looks to look more like her sister and other times they will still love each other but will enjoy looking differently.

Your Sisters Child is Your Child

When your sister has a child you know you’re going to be a loving aunt but you also love her child like it would be your own child. So when your sister asks you to babysit you can have the fun of playing with her child and enjoy the day knowing that at the end of the day the child will again be your sister’s responsibility. You will also stand up for that child fiercely simply because he or she is your sister’s.

Arguing With Your Sister

It happens with all sisters one sister will always make the other angry in one way or another. Soon you both find yourselves arguing and screaming at each other. Then you either leave the house or you both go to your rooms and the doors slam making the quiet even more quiet than usual. You also know that after a while either you or your sister will be the first to go and say you’re sorry because after all you are sisters and you do love each other. The screaming is just a way to let off some steam and stress but in the long run, you will be together.

Sisters Can Be Disgusting Around Each Other

As sisters living and growing up together you might have discovered a lot of disgusting habits about each other and that is all right because you are sisters and you can be disgusting around one another. Remember that if you have menstrual problems or you feel sick and need to vomit your sister will stand by you and help you through it no matter how awful the situation is. You also know that you will be there for her when she needs you when she feels ill. The two of you will get through those disgusting moments together and see each other through it all.