Tips for the best bachelorette party

Tips for the best bachelorette party
about 1 year ago

Here I am sharing tips on how to arrange the best bachelorette party for a girlfriend

Make It Personal

One of the most important questions to answer when planning a bachelorette party is What does the bride-to-be want to do? Even thought it can be great fun to surprise her it can become a great disappointment to her as well. So make some tuxedo cake and sit down with the bride-to-be and find out what she has in mind. Remember that even though this will be her last fling as a bachelorette you don’t won’t to force her to do anything she does not want to do. There could be some things that she and her future husband have discussed and promised each other they won’t do at their respective bachelor parties. Be sure to find out who she would like to have at her bachelorette party and get their names, emails, and phone numbers. Once you have a clear idea what she prefers you have to get in touch with your friends and those who you are considering inviting to find out what everyone else is willing to do and not to do.

Setting the Itinerary

Once you have specifically decided what you’ll be doing be sure to make the bachelorette party at least one month before the wedding. As the wedding date approaches the bride will have less time for other activities. You must also invite all the attending women two months in advance so that they can plan for this party. Depending on what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going they will have to make sure they can get time off and plan the expense of attending.

Setting the Budget

This is practically the most important part of the bachelorette party planning. Therefore once you know who will be attending sit down with the attendees and discuss budget. It all depends on what you’re planning on doing because there is a big difference between staying in town and bar hopping or taking off for a weekend of fun. Discuss all the options and get the reactions. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for the bride-to-be so that is also an important consideration. Not everyone can afford to spend the same amount of money so find out how much each one is willing to spend. Once that has been settled you can choose the place for your party fun. If you are going to take off for a weekend out of town right then and there you can phone to find out about reservations and about how much it will cost. Then once you have a specific budget always put some extra aside for the unexpected expenses that might come up.

Back-up Plans

It is always important when planning a bachelorette party to have a specific back-up plan. As the time gets closer for the party there might be someone who suddenly cannot go away for a whole weekend or something else might change drastically. To protect yourself from headaches always make sure to find out when and if reservations can be changed and if you won’t lose all the money you have prepaid. Keep in mind that cancelling a weekend away will mean re-planning for a bachelorette party on the town. It can be done but you have to be prepared for such unexpected happenings.


The expense of transportation must be included in your budget. If you’re going away for the weekend you have to consider what means of transportation you’ll be using, if everyone will be going together, and how you’ll arrive at your destination. If you’re spending the night in town then you can consider renting one or two limos to get you around town and safely back home.

Sharing on the Social Media

Ask the bride-to-be if she won’t mind sharing the photos of her bachelorette party on some media sites. Also be sure everyone else is comfortable with this. It is then a good idea to get some nice shots of the place where you are partying and some photos of all the attendees before everyone really lets her hair down. In other words take plenty of nice photos to share before the real craziness begins because no one wants to have photos of themselves looking drunk and unruly online. Do the photographing before the wild times begin and put the camera away.

Do Let Go of Traditional Expectations

Remember that a bachelorette party is the celebration of the last time good friends will be getting together before one of them gets married. This might be the last opportunity for everyone to have fun together. So get creative when you’re making plans because with a bachelorette party anything goes. Make sure to encourage the bride-to-be to do what feels the best for her and make sure everyone feels comfortable and has a great time. If you are having a night on the town perhaps arrange to have a sleepover at someone’s house after the festivities. Make a western omelette to have with coffee the morning after.