Top Yoga Tips for Beginners: Get Started with Yoga

Top Yoga Tips for Beginners: Get Started with Yoga

Want to know about yoga tips for beginners. Read this blog to gain your knowledge and learn yoga tips.

Art of Living experts would say that it depends on the characteristics of each individual. Either we like it a lot and inevitably, unrolling the carpet becomes a pleasure, an expected moment of the day. Either we set yoga as a goal because it's fashionable, we see beautiful photos, we say to ourselves that we "must" look like these pretty women on the beach... and we force ourselves, but it is a practice like any other in our head. In my case, it was a mixture of all of that.

Let me explain: Art of Living Foundation, was looking for an activity that would allow people to be less stressed because they had an anxiety-provoking work environment, and at the same time they had the impression of living in a foreign body, of not controlling it. So inevitably, we wanted to practice activity to improve my physical flexibility to regain possession of my body and my movements. For example,

Obviously, at the very beginning, we said to ourselves “come on, get on the mat!'' Then we stopped the session after 10 minutes of suffering because my lack of strength AND flexibility prevented me from following the instructions of the video sessions. We were unable to hold a dog upside down for more than 10 seconds… and we were sweating a lot!

3 Different Strategies To Start Yoga:

Read on the philosophy of yoga, on postures that you like or that you would like to learn, on breathing techniques… Yoga is not exclusively a physical practice, on the contrary!

Explore Sun Salutations: This sequence is a classic and is almost always practiced at the start of a yoga session. We think this is a great entry point for newbies. The sun salutation allows you to warm up the body, to relax it, to learn the principle of front bends and a well-known backbend: the dog upside down. And then we worship our sun without which our days would be gloomy!

Set a time in the week to do your session. Depending on the schedule, it can be complicated to integrate a lot of yoga into your daily life. Art of Living Foundation experts think finding a moment to yourself in your week when you really want to get started is a good start. And why not register for a group lesson!

Type Of Yoga For Beginners At Art Of Living Foundation?

In theory, all yoga’s are more or less accessible to beginners. But what will play is the objective of the practice according to its intensity, its power of relaxation, etc. Here are the yoga’s we recommend the most to beginners:

Top Yoga Tips for Beginners: Get Started with Yoga
  • Hatha yoga: a series of postures that we hold for a long time to refocus on ourselves.
  • Ashtanga Yoga: a traditional yoga with a very fast and intense rhythm.
  • Vinyasa yoga: a dynamic sequence of fairly cardio postures.
  • Yin yoga: not (or very little) physical yoga, but relaxing and meditative.
  • Bikram yoga: it is practiced in a room heated to 40 ° c.
  • Yoga Nidra: a relaxing yoga perfect for people who are stressed or suffering from insomnia.
  • Kundalini yoga: a spiritual yoga to reconnect with your emotions.

According to Art of Living Reviews, Both have pros and cons, but we have seen tremendous progress since taking classes with a teacher who corrects, gives advice, teaches us breathing techniques, philosophy, etc. And the practice at home allows me to be freer (we choose the session we need at the time), and we can also practice feeling, deepen a posture, etc.