7 Tips for Maintaining a Perfect Work-Study-Life Balance

7 Tips for Maintaining a Perfect Work-Study-Life Balance

Maintaining a perfect work-study-life balance seems a very demanding and crucial task. Sometimes, it gets impossible to earn while studying. In fact, it is one of the major problems that learners face nowadays. In order to have a good lifestyle and achieving a degree, they end up neglecting their personal life too. Here are some tips to achieve the perfect balance and require a bit of self-discipline and smart planning:

1. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination can be defined as delaying your work and ending up with a pile of work in the end with just a little time to complete it. Procrastination makes it difficult for any individual to reach their objectives and goals that they might have for themselves. Moreover, it is consideredto be a symbol of laziness and casts an impression on other people that you are not interested in taking things seriously. It also adds up to the stress you might have.

2. Take A Break

It is a common perception that taking a break will increase the workload you have and disturb your work and study life. However, that is not true. Taking a break only takes your mind off work and makes you more productive. It gives you the strength to handle things perfectly and you are able to manage the pressure well. You might have seen that even a person who goes to the gym regularly and has a strict diet, has one cheat meal of the month. This results in higher motivation and cuts out any chance of quitting. Balancing work-study-life can be quite difficult. One should consider taking a break to bring themselves back on the track.

3. Avoid Distractions

Technology has created many ways for students to get distracted easily. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter have caused us to check our cellphones all the time. This results in completing the task very late. To make sure that you are perfect at balancing your work and study life, make sure to turn your cell phone off when working. You can use your cell phone when you take a break. In addition, to avoid social sites, you can ask your friends to not disturb you.

Find a peaceful and distraction-free place where you can easily perform your task. A library or an isolated coffee shop can be the ideal place for you to complete all your pending tasks.

4. Plan Ahead

The most important tip to keep in mind is to maintain a schedule. A schedule helps you in monitoring and handling your work properly. When you have work and you have to study, without a proper schedule, these things can easily mingle. You can also find a difficult time then dedicating your time to one task. This will create only hassle and consume more of your time. To avoid this, plan ahead with the help of your schedule and stay informed. Include breaks and your outings with friends so that you can also have time to relax. Make notes of an important task, plan ahead and write things. You will discover how doing this will make it easier for you to balance your life between study, work and personal life.

5. Take Help

When you have many assignments to complete and very limited time to complete it, it can get difficult to manage. To write a good assignment, you need to dedicate a good amount of time to researching, writing and editing. However, with limited time and various other responsibilities, it looks impossible. Hence, you can always an ask for your help from your friends or numerous services, for instance, you have to update your resume but you are not getting the time, then you can hire CV services online to assist you with it.

6. Avoid Multi-Tasking

Some people are naturally good at multi-tasking but some people are not good at it. However, those people who are good at it can still face a problem when it comes to completing their task within the given time. Multi-tasking will only consume more of your time than doing an individual task. The best way to overcome this problem is to concentrate and complete one task before moving on to another task. If you start doing everything at the same time, it will increase your stress and drain all the energy that you have.

7. Pay Attention to Your Health

As much as studying and working is necessary, paying extra attention to your health at that time is also important. If you are not healthy and you get sick, then you will be unable to complete any of your work. The unhealthy version of you will only result in more load. A balanced diet is important for students, as working and studying continuously, can consume all of their energy. Hence, a balanced and well intake of nutrition is a vital part of any student’s life.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the tips that every student should follow to write their assignments on time and study but to also pay attention to their work and excel professionally.